UKS2 Final Product – Summer 2022

I can’t believe that we have come to the end of another Expedition and completed another fantastic final product. Our expedition for this term was ”How can a healthy lifestyle impact our body and mind?” We completed a history, science and DT case study. These subjects allowed us to explore how medicine has changed, the circulatory system and our cooking and baking skills. The children marvelled at the weird and wonderful things used to treat illnesses during the plague. They were even given the opportunity to gain a basic first aid certificate. During DT, they loved cooking and especially the tasting of the food. The children have been fortunate to have lots of opportunities to do hands on learning.

Our final product was to create an informative video for the public and as this was a trust product, we were all given a section to complete. Carcroft were allocated the mental health section of the video and I know this is a topic we spend lots of time on as we understand the importance of good mental health.

At the moment, we have been unable to confirm where this video will be played on a permanent basis but this is being discussed and negotiated. Once this has been confirmed, we will ensure that we inform you of this.

We hope you enjoy our Mental Health video for our final product

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End of another fantastic year…

I can’t believe this year has come to an end but just like the children, I’m ready for the break in preparation for the next academic year.

What can I say about Crew Shields that I haven’t already said?

Crew Shields have shown many character traits that truly shows their level of maturity and how they have adapted crew and become a little family that looks out for each other. This year was tough at times but they have been resilient, mature and above all shown compassion, kindness and forgiveness. Amazing qualities to have and no doubt something they will continue to demonstrate in year 6.

I have been so privileged to have them as my crew especially after our time in year 3 was cut short. They have made coming to school an absolute pleasure. They’ve made me smile and laugh daily but also worked their socks off to be better versions of themselves. I am beyond proud of all their academic achievements but also their growth as individuals which are equally important.

I hope Crew Shields have an amazing summer as they have certainly earned it and I look forward to catching up with them when we return to school. Be safe and have fun!

End of year treat – Year 5

To thank the children for all their hard work this year, the Year 5 staff crew treated them to an afternoon of pizza and fun on the field. Mr Boswell and Mr Ibbotson very kindly brought in their pizza ovens, made the dough and prepared to make pizza to feed 50 children and of course the staff. I’m sure all the children would agree that they were delicious and much more enjoyable than a bar of chocolate.

The year 5 staff crew have been absolutely blown away by how hard the children have worked this year and all they have achieved. We know they will continue to achieve amazing things in year 6.

Family Picnic Thursday 21st July, 1pm

Don’t forget our end of Year Family Picnic on Thursday 21st July at 1pm.


Please bring a picnic and a blanket (no alcohol, vapes, smoking or dogs permitted on site). All children who usually have a dinner including the children who normally have packed lunches and have paid for a dinner will be provided with the lunch that they have ordered to bring out to the picnic. All other children should bring their packed lunch as usual.

The Y6 leavers parade will take place at 2.30pm. If you wish to leave and come back for this you are more than welcome to do so. 

We hope to see you all there!

Crew Expectations

Crew Shields have spent some time today starting to unpick our Howls so that when we return in September we have a basis to allow us to have a great start to the term. Children really challenged themselves to really delve into what ’being nice’ looks like or what good listening would look like within our crew.

We also created some non-negotiables for our Crew circle which we felt is very important to ensure everyone is given the respect they deserve.

Great job Crew Shields!

I’m so excited for next year and seeing the amazing things you all achieve.

Brain teaser – Parent engagement

This morning was a busy one in Crew Shields and we had to ensure we had our brains switched on from the get go.

We started the morning with some challenges in the hall such as could they turn the opposite way without letting go of hands or twist their arms. Thankfully we had Mrs Rhodes on hand to support us. This was then followed by splitting into teams to see who could get the hula hoop from one end of the line to the other end without letting go of hands.

When we returned to the classroom, we gave our brains a challenge. Using matchsticks, everyone had to fix the equation and there were 3 possible solutions. Most people got 2 of the solutions.

Thanks once again for our parents joining us and getting involved. I even got to hold baby Dalton so mum could get involved.

Words can hurt…

Today, Crew Shields have created some posters using the vocabulary we collected yesterday about the negatives of bullying. Children were using the quote, ‘Words hurt more than you know’ and had to create a poster. Some lovely posters created and loved how some children reflected on their first attempt and asked to do it again because they knew they could make it better.

Cojo Challenge – Visit from our parents

An exciting start to our Wednesday morning as we welcomed some of our parents to join us. We started the morning by getting ourselves into height order including the grown ups to get our communication skills warmed up. We then completed a cojo challenge where we had to get the ball from one end of the hall to the other. Children worked collaboratively to get the ball into the bucket but what really made me smile was how they encouraged each other even when they missed the bucket. Some great crew skills being demonstrated during this activity.

Huge shout out to the parents who got full involved with the activity. Thank you for joining in and coming to visit us in our new crew.

Bullying poems

Today Crew Shields have been working on writing poems about the negatives of bullying. This is building on from the learning we started yesterday after watching a video that had themes around bullying and disabilities. We’ve discussed how we should build each other up, not tear them down.