End of another fantastic year…

I can’t believe this year has come to an end but just like the children, I’m ready for the break in preparation for the next academic year.

What can I say about Crew Shields that I haven’t already said?

Crew Shields have shown many character traits that truly shows their level of maturity and how they have adapted crew and become a little family that looks out for each other. This year was tough at times but they have been resilient, mature and above all shown compassion, kindness and forgiveness. Amazing qualities to have and no doubt something they will continue to demonstrate in year 6.

I have been so privileged to have them as my crew especially after our time in year 3 was cut short. They have made coming to school an absolute pleasure. They’ve made me smile and laugh daily but also worked their socks off to be better versions of themselves. I am beyond proud of all their academic achievements but also their growth as individuals which are equally important.

I hope Crew Shields have an amazing summer as they have certainly earned it and I look forward to catching up with them when we return to school. Be safe and have fun!