Crew MG 15/10/21

Wow, what a busy last week!

We have had a lovely last learning week in Crew MG, however we are sad to see Mr G move to his new crew.

Our main learning this week was our experience day around Afghanistan. We wanted the children to experience what a typical day could be like in Afghanistan, we researched where Afghanistan is located, the capital city and how to say hello in Pashto and Dari. This experience day is in preparation for us to answer the second half of our guiding question: Coming to Doncaster: Why then? and why now? As after half term children will be looking at why people move to Doncaster and seek refuge.

Watch out for our experience day video and the recipe for Afghanistan biscuits.

Have an amazing half term – rest up well, get lots of sleep and have lots of fun!

Miss Marsh and Mr G 🙂

Crew MG

What a busy week! Every week seems to fly by this half term and now we only have one week left.

I have been so impressed with seeing the children commit themselves to their independent writing, it has been great to see their ideas and how they have used everything we have taught over the last few weeks. Some of the pieces have really blown our socks off and made us smile from ear to ear.

We all love our Wednesday mornings in our guitar lessons and we can’t wait to hear them put a full song together!

It has been great to see how much the children have flourished in their math lessons, all crew members work hard to make sure they are answering as many questions as they possibly can and everyone is making sure their work is looking beautiful on a daily basis!

Have a great weekend all! 😁😁

One more week to go…

Crew MG/4 Weekly Review (1.10.21)

Another week has been completed in Crew 4 😁 Week 5 has been an interesting week and I think that, if we are being honest, we are starting to feel quite tired now. Our HoWL averages have been slightly lower than what they normally are, as we have really tried to focus on working hard when we are feeling tired and our resilience is being challenged. It has been quite tricky at times, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had some strong learning opportunities!

The Crew have been working on their Lindisfarne writing and have produced some really lovely similes, expanded noun phrases and tried to include a range of interesting fronted adverbial. In reading, we continue to build up our expression and fluency skills, so that we are getting smarter with our reading skills.

Maths has been the highlight this week, as we have rolled out our new maths. We’ve especially loved playing the game ‘beat Siri’, as we try to improve our arithmetic skills. We’ve also included our mild, hot and spicy challenges in order to build up our fluency. This really has felt successful and we are pleased with hour much everyone is enjoying their maths learning.

Expedition has been fun this week, as we have been continuing to link our writing to the Vikings. This is helping us answer our Guiding Question ‘Coming to Doncaster; why then and why now?’ There have been some fantastic pieces of art and we have really enjoyed looking at some beautiful work.

Next week is a fresh start Crew 4, so we wonder if we are able to listen carefully and much better? This will help us to get smarter, whilst also improving our HoWL averages. Have a lovely weekend guys! 😆

LKS2 Weekly Review (24.9.21)

It may have been a shorter week at Carcroft, but what a great week it has been, especially in Crew LKS2. We’ve had a fun filled week and wanted to show off a different side to our learning. We’ve been working especially hard on our reading, computing and French skills. See snippets of some beautiful work – Year 4s dragon eyes 🐲🐉.

We have also looked into our Expedition further (Coming to Doncaster; why then and why now?) as we link our writing to the Vikings. We’re creating a comic strip to discuss the raid of Lindisfarne, using a variety of art skills that include silhouettes.

Enjoy your weekend, Crew LKS2! 😆

Crew MG weekly blog

What another busy week we have had this week! This week has been all about settling back into our school routine, we have created amazing stories, planned artwork, learnt about place value and practiced our football skills.

I have been massively impressed with Crew MG’s start to their writing, their stories have really blown us both away. I am so impressed with how many features they have been able to include in their work. Keep it going Crew MG, we cannot wait to read the final full story.

We have massively practiced our football skills this week in PE, we have practiced dribbling the ball and passing with the inside of our foot. Our next challenge is to work on getting better at our communication when wanting the ball.

Finally, we have finished our dragon eyes! And wow they look amazing!!

Have a great weekend and see you all Monday! 🙂

Crew 4 weekly review (17.9.21)

We’ve had a pretty good week up in Crew 4. It was strange at first as we were all fully together, when we would normally be in groups to help with our learning. It was pleasing that this didn’t stop us from working hard, getting smart and being kind. We worked well as a Crew, to ensure that we produced beautiful work.

In maths, we have continued to build our knowledge of place value. We showed tremendous resilience to become super stars at rounding to ten and then transferred that knowledge impressively to round to the nearest 100. Well done for sticking at it! 😃

For reading, we have continued to work on our expression, reading pace (many of us beat our pace each day) and retrieving facts. We were little experts at this. Writing has been fun as we have finally finished creating our wonderful poems about the Dragon who ate our school. We have loved being poets as we have made them really engaging.

During Expedition, we have continued to explore the Guiding Question Comimg to Doncaster; why then and why now? As a Crew, we researched whether the Vikings came to Doncaster just to raid and terrify. The children were set the challenge of having to teach each other the varying reasons for settling in Doncaster. The children did this really well, with excellent enthusiasm and great collaboration. 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫

Highlight of the week 🌠 Experience day in writing where we raided Lindisfarne Monastery, just like we had learned in Expedition. This was probably the best we have been involved in with the enthusiasm, behaviour and enjoyment shown by all. Check out the video below to see for yourselves 👇

Experience day 🐲🐉

Enjoy a well deserved weekend, Crew 4! I know that our HoWLs will continue to improve with a more settled week and that average will increase once more 😆

TWITP – LKS2 (17.9.21)

It’s been another fantastic week in Crew LKS2! We have loved building our fluency up in reading this week, as we tackled our book How to be a Viking.

We also had one our favourite ever experience days, where we re-enacted raiding Lindisfarne. This was such an awesome experience after we learned about the variety of reasons the Vikings came to settle in Doncaster. This helped us answer our Guiding Question further, Coming to Doncaster; why then and why now?