Crew MI

Another busy day in crew MI!

Children have created some fantastic writing today. They have thought about their gold standards and applying the features to their writing. Some children have even hit their green standard. They used their chotting ideas from the experience day yesterday to really think about the lenses they were writing through and linked these to their gold standards.

Children have also enjoyed our expedition lesson where we thought more about human and physical features of Geography. Children grouped different pictures explaining their views as to why it was human or physical. From here children used maps and atlases to think more about the continent of South America.

Our HOWL scores have really improved too! Let’s keep this up Crew MI!

Crew Shields – 25/1/22

Team Building – lots of fun had while the crew developed their speaking and listening skills. There was some brilliant communication taking place and some children developing their leadership skills.

Crew Shields – 25/1/22

It was lovely seeing the crew work collaboratively to sort the human and physical features of South America. We were able to hear good discussions/reasoning as to their reasons for it being a human or physical feature.

Crew Nursery are Builders

Some of the children in crew nursery have been busy planning and building tunnels for their construction vehicles. The children thought carefully about the shape and size of the bricks that they needed and they worked together to make strong and safe tunnels that were big enough to fit their vehicles inside. The children needed to change and adapt their tunnels as they tried to fit bigger vehicles inside. They worked well as a crew, listening to each other’s ideas and suggestions.

We are Builders in FS2!

As part of their expedition work this week, the children in FS2 have been learning about different professions and occupations. They have been exploring the tools that builders, plumbers and electricians regularly use and have used saws, screwdrivers, sandpaper and hammers themselves in their very own builders yard!

Crew MI 21.1.21

We have had a really fun couple of days in Crew MI. We have been reading on Myon and taking our Accelerated Reader quizzes. This a great way for us to improve our fluency and comprehension skills. We have also been battling Crew Boswell and Crew Shields on Timestable Rockstars and have even been practising our arithmetic skills on a kahoot quiz.

Have a great weekend!

This week within EYFS!

The children have continued to work on case study one of their expedition “Early years engineers, in a world of possibilities what would you make”.
They have focused in on the three little pigs story and the different materials the three pigs used to build and create their houses.
The children worked together to recreate the three pigs houses using the different materials before looking closely at properties and what made each material the pigs used special and unique.

We found in FS2, the material wood was strong and hard but when compared to bricks, bricks were heavy and difficult to move. Hence why the big bad wolf had trouble blowing the third house down. We all agreed bricks were a great building material.

We used different painting techniques to recreate the three houses and noticed if we used everyday objects to paint with we could create beautiful work in new ways.

During crew sessions we pledged to listen more closely to each other while also thinking about the emotions of the crew. This supported us with our expedition story retelling as we used these discussions to support our acting. We used quiet, shaky voices when pretending to be the three pigs and used gruff angry voices when pretending to be the big bad wolf.

We can’t wait to continue this story next week. 😊🐷

Crew Shields – 21/1/22

It’s been a busy week in Crew Shields as we continue to explore the guiding question, Why should we help our planet survive?

The crew have done lots of collaborative learning this week and it has been such a pleasure to see them learning from each other. They have learned about vertebrates and the features of the 5 categories. Can your child tell you the 5 animal groups?

The children have also been learning about the water cycle and the different stages. Children worked in mini-crews to research an area before sharing with their peers. It was great hearing children share their knowledge to help others learn.

We have started writing out Plot points for the Lorax and the children are becoming more confident with using cohesive devices. There were some great similes added to their description. They really do work hard in writing while developing their stamina for writing.

I would like to praise Crew Shields for setting their personalised pledges based on the feedback they’ve been given in class. This demonstrates great listening but also an eagerness to develop their learning and skills.

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you Monday.

Crew MI

Crew MI have produced some great work in expedition over the last two days. Children have chosen then researched a plant or tree found in the Amazon Rainforest then they produced a fact sheet. Children thought about how they could attract their audience and used sub headings to organise their ideas. We all all really pleased with our final pieces of work. Here are some examples…