Secondary School Admissions

Apply for Secondary School – Year 7 for September 2022

All children in Year 6 are due to start Secondary School in September 2022.

It is important to apply as a number of schools will be full next September.

You are encouraged to include your catchment area school as one of your preferences even if this is not your first choice. 

Doncaster Council’s online platform for School Admissions

Key Dates

  • Closing date for applications is 31 October 2021
  • National Offer Date is 1 March 2022

Crew Fox blog week 6

Our HOWL average has shot up this week – our average was 2.8 🤩 … we’re getting closer and closer to a secure 3!

During The Write Stuff sessions 🖊, we’ve worked hard on using models of excellence around our room to help us get smarter 📕📝.

We’ve been using our text ‘Train to Impossible Places’ to magpie sentence structures in our writing… This is going above and beyond to get smart🌟!

We’re loving Scotty’s Heroes… pushing us to achieve our limits 🥵💪🏼!

This is helping us build stronger crew relationships❤️!

During expedition, we’ve been researching the history of the Doncaster Plant, using our historian researching skills…

Next week, we are aiming for a SECURE 3 HOWL average to end Autumn Term 1 on… 🤩. We are really trying harder with our concentration and are aiming to reach gold standard all day.

Happy Friday everyone, enjoy the ☀️ while it lasts!

Crew Fox wc 27.9.21

Week 5 completed in Crew Fox ✅.

We’ve got better this week at editing our writing and checking our content with a peers support. This is taking us a bit of time to get used to but we’re getting there! We are also working hard in our pairs across the different subjects. This is getting better as we are trying to focus more and work better with one another…

During maths, we’ve used Kahoot quizzes to time ourselves when answering questions. This is going to help us improve our pace! We are also getting quicker at our magic math sessions, working on our counting, place value and other arithmetic skills!

Today was our second session of Scotty’s Heroes. We are getting fitter physically and mentally after these sessions… it’s tough but we are loving it 😅

Our HOWL average was 2.2 (beating last weeks 2.1) which means we get to spin the wheel for a reward!!

Have a great weekend everyone,

Mrs Fox 🦊