Y5 Swimming 🏊‍♀️

Morning all,

Y5 swimming commences this Friday for the next 12 weeks. Y5 children can come to school in their swimming kit ready as this makes it easier when we arrive at the pool – swimming costumes for girls, trunks for boys and a towel. Girls I would also recommend having your hair up or bringing a bobble with you. Please don’t forget to pack your undies for coming home in!

Y5 will be leaving for swimming lessons at 8:45am so if children could be at school promptly this will massively help getting to the session on time, doors will be open for Y5 from 8:35am.

Happy Swimming! 👍

Честита Баба Марта! – Chestita Baba Marta!

Did you know that 1st of March is Baba Marta Day in Bulgaria? Here’s a little bit about their celebrations!

Baba Marta Day signifies the beginning of spring for Bulgarians. Baba Marta (or grandmother March) is said to finally get rid of her grumpy brothers January and February; although she can be unhappy if it snows on her day!

Bulgarians will often hand out martenitsas on this day which are usually red and white bands that can be worn around the wrist. The red signifies birth or life and the white signifies purity and cleansing so these amulets are considered to be gifts of Baba Marta to symbolise a rebirth or starting anew; they are also supposed to bring luck!

Typically, you are supposed to wear your martenitsa until you see the first signs of spring; buds opening on trees, storks in the sky or even the first swallows. If you forget these, you can take it off at the beginning of April though. There are two traditions that follow taking off you martenitsa. The first is to hang it from the tree you see budding – especially if it is one your family may rely on producing a bumper crop. The second is to bury it under a rock and leave it until the following morning. How successful and healthy your year will be depends on the size of the insect or bug closest to your martenitsa. Just hope it’s not a spider…

Thank you to Ivan, Gabi and Sofi for sharing this wonderful tradition with us today and for our martenitsas. From all of us at Carcroft, Честита Баба Марта!

What is it about PE?

Everyone knows that PE is one of the best parts of the week but I thought you’d like to see why. We do get on well together though, don’t worry!