Scotty’s Heroes session

Crew Mcloughlin were yet again put through their paces in Scotty’s Heroes this week. Mark, our instructor, has encouraged us to not just stop when we feel a little out of breath but to keep going to help us with our fitness. We can even see a difference in ourselves from last week! Our session is motivating us in our learning too, to ensure we are resilient and take the energy and enthusiasm into what we our learning.

Here’s some pics of us in action…

Crew Mcloughlin weekly blog

Week 4 already… the weeks are flying by! In Crew Mcloughlin we started the week with revisiting what norms we would like us all to follow in the classroom and individually made pledges to ensure we meet all our expectations. Hopefully this will ensure we are getting a higher weekly hoWL average.

Our writing is coming on lovely and we impressed when visitors came into Crew Mcloughlin at just how hard the children were working. Next week we are going to up-level our writing by ensuring we are using correct punctuation.

It was also our first session of Scotty Hero’s, the children were put through their paces to show endurance and stamina. They blew me, Mrs Rhodes and the coach away and earned lots of HoWL points!

We are still focusing on Be Kind next week as unfortunately this week we have not met our target and have not always thought before we have acted, but this is all part of growing up and I am sure we will smash it next week! However, I have caught some kindness as a little message appeared on the back of my board yesterday…

So to reiterate Olivias message, have a lovely weekend everyone! Miss M 😊

This week in Crew Mcloughlin (W/C 13/09)

Another busy week in Crew Mcloughlin…

After the fun and excitement of Harry Potter World last week, we were so eager to start narrating the first scenes of the Philosophers Stone in our writing lessons. The children have worked so hard thinking of ambitious vocabulary and producing quality writing, I’ve never known a Crew enjoy writing so much, it is lovely to see! Watch this space for Crew Mc sentence stackers and beautiful work. In Reading, we are really engaged with the text ‘The train to impossible places’ and working hard to improve how we verbally give Y6 answers during our discussions. In our expeditionary learning, the children have been creating their own videos, slides and fact cards on the experts they have been researching. They have found looking at how people have developed trains over the years rather interesting and motivating.

Our HoWL focus next week is to ‘Be Kind’ as we need to consider how we would like to be spoken to and respect each other, as this is not great in Crew at the moment. We all want to see our weekly average going up and be the best version Crew Mcloughlin can be!

Here’s some pictures to show what learning we’ve been getting up to…

‘The Mill’ experience day UKS2

Hi all,

Next week, we are having an experience session in expedition to experience what life was like during the industrial revolution. Please can you pack a spare change of clothes for the children that you don’t mind getting dirty. This session will be either Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday so please pack ready for Tuesday. 

Thank you


Crew Mcloughlin’s first week back!

Our first week back in Crew Mcloughlin was definitely filled with fun fun fun as we delved into our expedition hook week!💥

It had involved lots of lessons focusing on Art and Science to engage the children in their first expedition ‘The Magic of Motion: How have trains been on a journey of change?’ We began with a day of being pupils at Hogwarts and had lessons in the Defences against the arts, Transfiguration, Quidditch and Potions. Crew Mc particularly enjoyed the Transfiguration lesson where they completed various science experiments, turning solids into liquids 🍫🧊

We also created beautiful art work using watercolours in our new fancy art sketchbooks. I am very proud of them with the work that they have individually produced!  

In-between all the fun, Crew Mcloughlin have been working on our HoWLs and expectations ensuring we are the very best we can be. I have no doubt this will improve week on week😀

We are eager to get into our normal timetable and most of all… our trip to Harry Potter World! 😆🤗