Crew Shields – 21/5/21

Crew Shields started the week by doing some litter picking on the school field. They worked as small crews to help clear the edge of the field and ensure our school environment is tidy and safe.

It has been a busy week in Crew Shields as we started our Case Study 2 for expedition. The children have been exploring healthy foods and took part in a blind food tasting activity. They were not impressed with the pickled onion food option, in most cases this got the thumbs down. 👎This was followed by an investigation into the amount of sugar that drinks contain. The visual representation of the amount of sugar was quite shocking for them. Yesterday, the children started using this knowledge to plan a healthy lunch option that contains each of the food groups. 🍜 🍲 There were some great discussions taking place and negotiations as they came to final decisions on what they should include. I’m looking forward to hearing their pitch next week. More to follow on that… 😀