Crew Wilson Weekly Review

We have had a fantastic first week back after half term in Crew Wilson and we have definitely been spoiled with the beautiful weather. We seemed to have turned a corner with our attitude to learning and demonstrating our howls throughout every lesson. We’ve had a lot of 4,4,4’s this week which is a brilliant achievement. However, we still have some work to do on our chattiness so that we can get through all of the learning planned, as it isn’t very long till the end of term and we have still got lots to do before then!

Highlights of the Week:

Maths: We have been looking at splitting numbers into 10’s and 1’s, using manipulative objects to support us. It was quite tricky but we soon got the hang of it, and by the end of the lesson we were identifying the different parts of numbers up to 50! Well done Crew Wilson!

Expedition: We have had a never-ending list of tasks to complete this week for expedition, as our final product is being created next week so we had lots to finish off. We have practiced our art skills lots this week, working on colour mixing, pointillism and collage and we have created some beautiful work to go on our information board at Flamingo Land. We are very excited to see what our final product will look like when all of our work is pulled together!

Crew: In crew this week we have been working on building trust and developing communication skills, working in mini crews and pairs to complete different activities. Our favourite was our blind-folded trust walk, it was tricky to rely on a friend to guide us around the playground and not peek from under our blindfolds but we trusted our partners and did very well. Next week we will make it a bit more difficult with an assault course to navigate, watch this space!

Howl Average:

We have ended the week on a 3.7 – a very good score for us! Let’s keep this momentum going and work very hard, get even smarter and be kind all the way up to the summer holidays!

Great work this week Crew Wilson, I am very proud of all we have achieved in our first week back!