Crew Wilson Weekly Review: 18/6/2021

We have had a fantastic week in Crew Wilson this week! We have worked so hard to get through all of our learning and have really demonstrated an improvement with our listening and attention!

Highlights of the Week:

Expedition: We have really enjoyed exploring the Arctic and Antarctic continents this week. We have written fact files for animals in these climates, have explored food chains and have created some fantastic pointillism footprints too!

Maths: We have continued with our arithmetic work, answering number sentences presented in different ways. We have also explored vertices and sides of 2D shapes and have had a practice at representing numbers with arrays.

Crew: We have completed lots of fun things in our daily Crew sessions this week. We have used directional language to guide our blindfolded friends around the playground, we have practiced our communication skills with whisper games and have used praise, notice and wonder as part of our gallery walk. We have loved looking back through our work and giving each other praise for what we have accomplished!

Howl Average: We have ended the week with an average score of 3.6 – a great achievement. Let’s see if we can beat it next week by working hard, getting smart and being kind.

Learning Legend:

Perrie is Crew Wilson’s learning legend this week as she always strives to achieve her best in all areas of learning. Perrie is a maths whiz and consistently gets on to extension questions in every lesson, and is trying very hard to improve her writing. Perrie is working so hard and we are so proud of all she has achieved this year!