Crew Welburn’s Weekly Review 18.6.2021

Highlight of the week:

Crew Welburn have really impressed me with their writing this week in expedition lessons. We have carried out two pieces of independent writing and the quality has absolutely blown me away! I can’t believe that five and six year olds can write such amazing fact files!

We have also been working really hard in maths this week, looking at arrays. We picked this up really quickly and everyone felt really confident at making arrays for different numbers in multiple ways.

HOWL Heroes:

Work Hard: Kairen

HOWL Score: 2.8 This is a good score considering we have had a lot of children off today ⭐

This week’s HOWL average: 3.2 Well done Crew Welburn!

Learning legend: My learning legend this week is Darcie Fraser. Darcie has been a superstar in maths over the last half term. She has been working really hard with her addition and subtraction number sentences, and in her mental maths for her number recognition,place value and number formation. I am really impressed with how smart she has got! Keep it up Darcie!