Crew Welburn’s Weekly Review 21.5.2021

Highlight of the week:

I am so proud of all of the children in Crew Welburn this week. Every single child has worked hard to get smart, and they have all been really kind to each other. This is what I like to see!
We have had an exciting week in expedition this week as we started a new case study about the UK and farm animals. We worked really hard in mini crews to collect information about the different animals using videos, and from this, we created fact files to go and share with foundation stage as they are learning about farm animals too. I am so impressed with the sentences that the children built for their fact files, and the scientific knowledge that they included too. Take a look at some of our drafts below…👀👀

Lylah’s draft for her duck fact file
Charlie’s draft for his duck fact file

HOWL Heroes:

Work Hard: Charlie

Get Smart: Charlie

Be Kind: Kairen

My learning legend for this week is Harriet Lewis. Harriet has worked hard to improve her behaviour in school over the last week so that she can get smart in lessons. Harriet has tried hard to follow adult instructions first time, and has met minimum expectations in each of her lessons. Keep this up Harriet, we are really impressed at how hard you have worked over the last week. 

HOWL Score: 3.3 Well done Crew Welburn!

This week’s HOWL average: 3.2 Well done Crew Welburn, this is amazing!