Crew Wilson Weekly Review: 21.5.2021

We have had a busy week in Crew Wilson, with lots of focus on our expedition learning!

Highlights of the Week:

Maths: We have been exploring the different ways we can write number sentences. It was very tricky to start with but we quickly realised that when we write addition and number sentences, the numbers just swap around. We even learnt a new word for this – commutativity! We’ve been working hard at applying this new concept to our maths problems, thinking carefully about what the question is asking us to do and finding the correct method to find the answer.

Writing: We have been using our writing lessons to inform our expedition work, working hard to write chunks of sense about different farm animals in the UK. We used this weeks non-fiction writing as a practice because soon we will be writing fact files about the animals we discovered in Africa which will be part of our final product – an information board in Flamingo Land!

Expedition: We have been investigating different animals and their food chains in expedition this week, using vocabulary such as producer, consumer, predator, carnivore, herbivore and omnivore! We used our research skills to find out information about the different animals and have used what we found to inform our writing! We also had a very exciting Zoom call with a Penguin handler from the Deep in Hull! We got to look inside the penguin enclosure, meet some of the penguins and ask any questions that we had, it was so fun!

Howl Average:

We have ended the week on a 3.5 – a massive improvement from where we were at the beginning of the week. As we come into our final week of the half term we really need to think about how we can demonstrate our Howls in every lesson throughout the day. We are a very chatty crew and it has impacted on our learning time, so we definitely need to focus and save our talking for designated social times!

Learning Legend:

Our learning legend this week is Finn as he has demonstrated a great improvement with his attitude towards his learning over the last few weeks. Whilst his handwriting needs a little work, Finn tries really hard to make beautiful work every time and can correct his own mistakes without being prompted. Finn is working really hard at home to develop his reading pace and is flying through our phonics lessons – proof that practice really does make a huge difference! Finn has also consistently helped other pupils when he can see they are struggling or need a bit of support, keep it up Finn, you are a valuable asset to Crew Wilson!