Crew Welburn’s Weekly Review 11.6.2021

Highlight of the week:

We have had a lovely first week back in Crew Welburn, and the sunshine has made it even better as we’ve been able to move some of our expedition lessons outside! We have worked really well on all of our HOWLs this week, and our scores have been amazing! We’ve really impressed our teachers in expedition as well as we’ve started to pull together our pieces of work for our final products. Take a sneak peak at the pictures to see what we have been up to! 🖌🎨🖼

This week, we’ve also been trying extra hard to be kind, and the crew pointed this out on Tuesday as they praised each other at the end of the day for playing so nicely together in the afternoon. This was really lovely to hear from the children and I am sure it will continue throughout the rest of this half term. We used crew time on Tuesday to build different relationships in our crew by working with someone we do not usually work with. We had to use our communication skills and trust to guide each other around the obstacle course wearing blindfolds!

HOWL Heroes:

Work Hard: Harry

Get Smart: Mariama

Be Kind: Lylah

HOWL Score: 3.1 Well done Crew Welburn!

This week’s HOWL average: 3.4 You have worked so hard on this this week Crew Welburn, keep it up! 🌟✨🌟