Crew Gerrard weekly review (7-11/6/21)

We have had a much improved week in Crew Gerrard, which is great for our first week back after half term. It’s been a busy one and I’m pleased to see a desire to learn. Crew Gerrard know that there is not much time left until they are Year 6s and they are keen to be ready to hit the ground running in the new academic year.

In writing, we have been collaborating with each other. It’s been great fun to watch Crew Gerrard work together and think of interesting vocabulary, which will add to their writing. They have loved learning about our new and creepy video Road’s End and I am sure all of the hard work will pay off. I can’t wait to read them Crew Gerrard!

In Maths, we have been learning about perimeter. This has been a fun challenge for Crew Gerrard, as they started off the week by measuring and are now confident in finding the perimeter for rectilinear shapes. It’s been fantastic to see the children working hard to challenge their learning, in order to get smart!

Our art sessions have been fun and required patience, as Crew Gerrard worked on their independent pieces of art. I have been impressed by how resilient the children have been, as we have had to complete a couple of drafts. The effort has certainly been worth it and I am pleased with how our sketches are looking!

As I have said, this week has been much improved by our Crew. We have had a really solid week. We all need to ensure that we are working as part of our Crew, so that we are helping push each other on. Our HoWL average for the week was 2.6 and I want to see that rise next week. Enjoy your weekend! 😆