Crew Gerrard Weekly Review (21-25/6/21)

What a great week we have had in Crew Gerrard as we were put to the test, quite literally – it was assessment week! I am really proud of how hard we have worked to achieve our best. I know that most of us have given it our all and I could not ask for more.

Assessment week is challenging, as it tests our resilience and makes us quite tired. We were trying to improve on our Spring assessments, as we wanted to show how ‘smart’ we have become during our final few weeks of Year 5.

This week, we also said goodbye to Miss Scott who has been a massive help to Crew Gerrard. We are sad to see you go Miss Scott, but will try our best to keep in touch. We wish you nothing but success in your new school and know that you will smash it there, just like you have here!

Our HoWL average doesn’t fully reflect the positive week we have had, as a number of our Crew have been absent. We need to show an improvement in our attendance to help make sure we can beat our weekly HoWL average, week in week out! It was 2.7.

Have a well deserved rest, Crew Gerrard and see you all on Monday! 😆