Crew Fox w/c 20.9.21

Another week in Crew Fox completed✅! We’ve had a shorter week, missing Monday and this meant we were quite unsettled on Tuesday. Our HOWL averages were not the best at the start of the week and we’ve focused on being kind to our classroom and resources, and also focusing on our learning at all times. It has been a tough week but we have had had some great learning opportunities.

Our experience day in Expedition gave us an insight into life during the Industrial Revolution. We used our drama skills to act out cleaning in the mill, they were scavengers themselves, retrieving cotton and wool from under a pretend loom.

We engaged with our train expert Martin, and now have lots of information!

Our HOWL average was 2.4. Next week, our target is to really focus and remember to refocus when we go off task and continuing to take care of our classroom and looking after equipment.

Happy weekend everyone, have a lovely break.

Mrs Fox 🦊