As you will have guessed by now here in Crew EYFS we love dressing up and having a special day of learning. It is such a fun way for our little crew members to explore their world and discover something new! Now that we are heading into our final week of the year we want to continue the excitement for as long as possible. 

We all know the nail biting, gut clenching, heart pumping feeling that comes with watching England play football! Well this week it will be even more nerve racking… 

On Friday 9th July, we will be continuing our fun filled foundation finale with a Three Lions Football day! We would like to invite the children to come to school in a football themed outfit. There is absolutely no pressure for extravagant outfits. Football shirts/kits, t-shirts with a football theme, football fancy dress or red and white outfits for England will all look fantastic! 

The day will be filled with football themed activities like a penalty shoot out, flag designing and singing It’s Coming Home! 

We really (really, really, really) hope that this day will be the start to an exciting weekend build up to watching England compete for the title. However, if we don’t make it quite all the way then we will still celebrate the achievements of the team in getting to the semi-final. 

Keep your fingers crossed!