Crew Mcloughlin Weekly Blog 25/06/21

We have had a lovely week in Crew Mcloughlin despite it being assessment week. I am so proud of our hard work and determination to achieve our expected targets. We really have had much to celebrate with Crew Mc’s scores and progress made this year and it just shows we are getting smarter 😁 I am truly blown away, despite the strange year we have had, that the children have been able to achieve what they have, true heroes!

With being in summer term the assessments did challenge us and I know we have been disheartened at some point along the way this week but I just love how much as a Crew we care and want the very best for ourselves.🥰 But we need to remember we have not had a normal year and the majority of us are making fab progress and every single one of you should be proud of your achievements this year!

This week our HoWL average 2.8 doesn’t fully reflect the ‘work hard’ week we have had, as a number of our Crew have been absent. We need to show an improvement in our attendance as we know Crew Mc had the lowest in our phase last week ☹ Remember we only have 3 weeks left together too! 😪

I definitely think Crew Mc deserve a treat and a well earned rest over the weekend ready for a week full of sports day, fish and chips and finalising our expedition product.

Have a lovely weekend!