Crew Fox farewell

I don’t know where to start. This year has been bizarre but I’ve absolutely loved every minute 🥰 . This bunch of kids have made me laugh every day (and more recently cry at the thought of them leaving). From September, they have embraced crew and it’s just been one of the best years I’ve had🧡. To say they have missed so much learning, they have achieved SO much 🧠. They have shown the true meaning of working hard to get smart… whilst being oh so kind 💕.

At the end of this year, these children were the first to complete their Final Word presentations👏🏼. They reflected on their character growth, beautiful work and academic success and I was so proud🤩. They spoke so confidently and positively and many of them brought me to tears🥲. They all stepped out of their comfort zones and presented brilliantly. Another moment for me to be proud of this year.

There have been so many moments that have made me beam, but here are some of my favourites😍:

I will truly miss every single one of them and wish them all the best for their new schools 🍀 . Please come and see us…

And remember, we will always be the first CREW FOX 🦊🥰

Thank you for all the laughter and lovely moments we’ve had this year,

Mrs Fox x