LKS2 Weekly Review (24.9.21)

It may have been a shorter week at Carcroft, but what a great week it has been, especially in Crew LKS2. We’ve had a fun filled week and wanted to show off a different side to our learning. We’ve been working especially hard on our reading, computing and French skills. See snippets of some beautiful work – Year 4s dragon eyes 🐲🐉.

We have also looked into our Expedition further (Coming to Doncaster; why then and why now?) as we link our writing to the Vikings. We’re creating a comic strip to discuss the raid of Lindisfarne, using a variety of art skills that include silhouettes.

Enjoy your weekend, Crew LKS2! 😆

Crew MG weekly blog

What another busy week we have had this week! This week has been all about settling back into our school routine, we have created amazing stories, planned artwork, learnt about place value and practiced our football skills.

I have been massively impressed with Crew MG’s start to their writing, their stories have really blown us both away. I am so impressed with how many features they have been able to include in their work. Keep it going Crew MG, we cannot wait to read the final full story.

We have massively practiced our football skills this week in PE, we have practiced dribbling the ball and passing with the inside of our foot. Our next challenge is to work on getting better at our communication when wanting the ball.

Finally, we have finished our dragon eyes! And wow they look amazing!!

Have a great weekend and see you all Monday! 🙂

Crew Fox w/c 20.9.21

Another week in Crew Fox completed✅! We’ve had a shorter week, missing Monday and this meant we were quite unsettled on Tuesday. Our HOWL averages were not the best at the start of the week and we’ve focused on being kind to our classroom and resources, and also focusing on our learning at all times. It has been a tough week but we have had had some great learning opportunities.

Our experience day in Expedition gave us an insight into life during the Industrial Revolution. We used our drama skills to act out cleaning in the mill, they were scavengers themselves, retrieving cotton and wool from under a pretend loom.

We engaged with our train expert Martin, and now have lots of information!

Our HOWL average was 2.4. Next week, our target is to really focus and remember to refocus when we go off task and continuing to take care of our classroom and looking after equipment.

Happy weekend everyone, have a lovely break.

Mrs Fox 🦊

Crew MI 24.9.21

This week the children have really enjoyed their Mill day experience where they actually dressed up as children who worked in the mill. The children were given a profile of a child so they could really get into character. They got to experience what life was like for those poor children and became scavengers themselves retrieving cotton and wool from under a loom.

The children have worked hard with their Harry Potter writing this week and are really getting better at using adventurous vocabulary and including speech. Check out our sentence stackers…

As a crew we have really focussed this week on being kind. However, this is still an ongoing target in our crew so I am wondering next week if we continue to develop this and be kinder to one another.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Crew SB – 24/9/21

This week, the children have enjoyed an experience day where they got to experience life as a factory worker. The children were given a profile as to their new age, name and medical conditions as a factory worker. One activity included having to lip read a message and pass it round the circle, as you can image the message was very different by the end of the circle. This was to allow children the chance to experience the difficulties children of this time would have had due to the noise of the machinery.

The next activity involved collecting cotton from under the loom, however, they needed to be quick to ensure they didn’t suffer any injuries. Unfortunately, a couple of children sustained mild ‘injuries’ which were bandaged up.

I wonder if next week, we can ensure that we are always being kind towards our peers.

Have a lovely weekend.