Crew 4 weekly review (17.9.21)

We’ve had a pretty good week up in Crew 4. It was strange at first as we were all fully together, when we would normally be in groups to help with our learning. It was pleasing that this didn’t stop us from working hard, getting smart and being kind. We worked well as a Crew, to ensure that we produced beautiful work.

In maths, we have continued to build our knowledge of place value. We showed tremendous resilience to become super stars at rounding to ten and then transferred that knowledge impressively to round to the nearest 100. Well done for sticking at it! 😃

For reading, we have continued to work on our expression, reading pace (many of us beat our pace each day) and retrieving facts. We were little experts at this. Writing has been fun as we have finally finished creating our wonderful poems about the Dragon who ate our school. We have loved being poets as we have made them really engaging.

During Expedition, we have continued to explore the Guiding Question Comimg to Doncaster; why then and why now? As a Crew, we researched whether the Vikings came to Doncaster just to raid and terrify. The children were set the challenge of having to teach each other the varying reasons for settling in Doncaster. The children did this really well, with excellent enthusiasm and great collaboration. 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫

Highlight of the week 🌠 Experience day in writing where we raided Lindisfarne Monastery, just like we had learned in Expedition. This was probably the best we have been involved in with the enthusiasm, behaviour and enjoyment shown by all. Check out the video below to see for yourselves 👇

Experience day 🐲🐉

Enjoy a well deserved weekend, Crew 4! I know that our HoWLs will continue to improve with a more settled week and that average will increase once more 😆

This week in Crew Mcloughlin (W/C 13/09)

Another busy week in Crew Mcloughlin…

After the fun and excitement of Harry Potter World last week, we were so eager to start narrating the first scenes of the Philosophers Stone in our writing lessons. The children have worked so hard thinking of ambitious vocabulary and producing quality writing, I’ve never known a Crew enjoy writing so much, it is lovely to see! Watch this space for Crew Mc sentence stackers and beautiful work. In Reading, we are really engaged with the text ‘The train to impossible places’ and working hard to improve how we verbally give Y6 answers during our discussions. In our expeditionary learning, the children have been creating their own videos, slides and fact cards on the experts they have been researching. They have found looking at how people have developed trains over the years rather interesting and motivating.

Our HoWL focus next week is to ‘Be Kind’ as we need to consider how we would like to be spoken to and respect each other, as this is not great in Crew at the moment. We all want to see our weekly average going up and be the best version Crew Mcloughlin can be!

Here’s some pictures to show what learning we’ve been getting up to…