Hook Week – Scrapheap Challenge

As part of Hook Week, the children in EYFS completed a Scrapheap Challenge! They explored a range of resources and materials in the school hall before working collaboratively in small groups to plan and build a simple structure. As part of the Scrapheap Challenge, the children were given a criteria to achieve – their structure needed to remain stable for at least three minutes and it needed to be big enough to house three children inside. 

The children concluded the Scrapheap Challenge by completing a gallery walk and critiquing one another’s structures. 

Henry praised Crew A for making their structure colourful. 

George praised Crew C for building a structure big enough to fit their whole crew in. 

Dominic wondered if Crew B’s structure was strong enough because it was leaning to one side. 

Messiah wondered how all the structures could be made fireproof so that the crews could camp and cook inside them.