Crew Elmer Weekly Blog 14.05.21

What a fantastic week Crew Elmer has had! We have done some great learning especially in writing with such creative minds. The children have worked hard to go above and beyond by smashing targets and improving in many ways this week.

Star moment of the week ☀ : 

This week’s star moment has got to be the way the children actively took part in learning about the muscles in our expedition lessons ‘Why is the body a miraculous machine?’. The children really enjoyed taking part in a series of activities including: a mindfulness activity; a cut and stick skeleton activity where they had to add muscles and label them; and also an active lesson using different exercises to see the effect on their muscles. The children had heaps of fun while learning key vocabulary about the muscles.

This week’s HOWL average is: 3

We have reached last weeks target! We have smashed it this week but lets make sure we keep pushing for those 4’s to keep our crew average up there! Try to keep working on our ‘Get smart’ ‘Work hard’ and ‘Be kind’ to ensure we are progressing in our HOWL scores! Overall Crew Elmer has had a great week and has stood out by making sure that they are all working hard.

This week’s HOWL target is: 3.1

We can develop this week by focusing on being kind as we move into our new crews next week. Make sure we are including everyone and pushing to work hard together so we can strengthen our crews.

Today Learning Legend is: Jazmin. Jazmin does not always find learning easy and sometimes lacks the confidence in her ability. However, she should not have any doubts as she has been working incredibly hard this half term already and this is enabling her to make massive progress especially in her writing and arithmetic. She has a great positive attitude towards her learning and her confidence is blossoming! She is participating more in class and this is allowing her to gain the maximum amount of learning and knowledge from each lesson. Keep this up Jazmin and continue to believe in yourself because you can do it and you sure are brighter than you believe! Well done Jazmin! 

This week’s HOWL Heros were: Kacey-leigh, Frankie, Laila, Jazmin and Ray.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I will see you all on Tuesday (when I am back in class), refreshed and ready to learn.