Crew Gerrard – Weekly Review (10-14/5/21)

This week has been an interesting week, in Crew Gerrard.

We have been working hard on our maths, continuing to work on our decimals. We especially loved our lesson on Thursday, after we had been practicing how to add and subtract decimals. During this lesson, we worked collaboratively as mini-Crews as part of challenge to solve the decimal problems. I am really proud of how hard Crew Gerrard worked and rose to the challenge!

In writing, we have continued to write up our scientific report. This is a nice challenge and one that we’re eager to meet. We have been able to complete our first draft and have began to write up our second.

In expedition, we have continued to work on our art skills. This week, we have been continuing to practice our drawing techniques, such as scumbling, sketching and using spirals. We have used these skills to also draw a space boot, from the book Where we once stood. The children have really challenged themselves. Here they are in action!

It has been a really strange week in Crew Gerrard and I know that we are keen to improve next week. I know that we will and we are looking forward to a fresh start after the weekend. I wonder if Crew Gerrard can think carefully about how they will work hard all week?

Our HoWL average was 2.8 and our Learning Legend was Brayden! 😆