Crew Wilson Weekly Review: 14.5.2021

We’ve had a great week in Crew Wilson! We have whizzed through so much learning and have demonstrated how we work hard by getting smart! We’ve also had lots of acts of kindness in our crew this week, it’s great to see children looking out and taking care of each other!

Highlights of the week:

Writing: In writing we have continued with our Elmer narrative, and have had some fantastic ideas shared in our lessons. The Crew are striving so hard to reach green standard by deepening the moment in their writing, extending their ideas and using conjunctions to join sentences together – keep up the great work!

Maths: In maths we have continued to explore teen numbers, working hard on our number bonds to 20. We’ve tried lots of different ways to get them to stay in our brains which we will continue with next week. You can work hard to get smart at home by practicing these with objects in your home!

Expedition: In expedition we have continued to explore our new guiding question “How do animals adapt to their habitats?”. This week we have learned all about continents, oceans and the equator! We have also begun our science case study, investigating the difference between things that are alive, dead and never being alive! Find out what we have learned in our new expedition so far by visiting our expedition website!👇🏻

Howl Average:

A really good score of 3.5 to end our week on. We have seen lots of improvement with our listening skills this week and have celebrated some members of the crew for demonstrating their commitment to improving their howls, keep it up Crew Wilson!

Learning Legend:

Dalton has worked so hard at improving his writing and is really taking his time to ensure his letters are formed correctly and his sentences make sense. Dalton is also our crews mathematician and will help anyone who asks, he is always willing to give a helping hand to his crew! Dalton is working on his confidence when speaking in front of his crew and has really come out of his shell since September, keep up the great work Dalton! 

Check out all of our learning from the week on our “This Week in the Phase: KS1” blog page!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, remember to read your home reading book twice over the weekend to earn a reward!