LKS2 Hook Day 1 (19.4.22) 🍭🍬

Today, LKS2 have been figuring out their guiding question for the Summer Expedition. We played a game of hangman to figure out what it was. This was great fun trying to guess what it could be and we managed to get there!

After having the Guiding Question revealed, Why is the history of sugar not so sweet?, we started our KWL by writing down what we knew about sweets and what we would like to know. It was great to hear questions like why does sugar energise us, how does sugar melt in water and who discovered sugar? LKS2 can’t wait to find these out over the next few weeks.

Finally, Year 3 and 4 then watched some videos about how sweets are made. We were mesmerised by how rock was made, as well as candy canes. We even wondered if we would be able to visit a sweet factory or make our own. Keep your eyes peeled! 👀👀