Crew Wilson Weekly Review: 28.5.2021

We did it! We made it to the end of another half term, and we have had another jam-packed week in Crew Wilson!

Highlights of the Week:

Expedition: We have continued with our expedition work, investigating how animals adapt to their habitats. This week we have had a closer look at the continent of Africa, exploring the different animals that live there. We have completed fact files and food chains for Lions, Zebras, Leopards and Giraffes, and learned lots of new facts! Did you know that Giraffes have a hairy purple tongue that helps protect them when they eat thorny leaves? We also began to plan a part of our final product, practicing colour mixing and pointillism to create some beautiful work!

Maths: We have been practicing number bonds to 20 and exploring addition and subtraction fact families. We had to look very carefully at the numbers to make sure we answered the question correctly, it was quite tricky but by the end of the week be smashed it!

Crew: We have been working hard in mini crews this week, practicing our communication skills through different activities. We wore blindfolds and had to guide a partner round the classroom using directional language and worked hard by giving clear instructions. We worked in teams to get across the big trim-trail on the muga pitch, making sure we were being kind and cheering each other one! We also played the telephone game, where we had to pass a phrase around the circle and see if it changed along the way – we ended up with some very funny results! And today we were very excited to see the big reveal of our new school logo and had lots of praise for the final design! We loved how they used the rainbow colours and the miners wheel from our designs, and cannot wait to wear our new uniform in the new school year!

Howl Average: We have ended the week on a 3.7, a very good score which reflects how hard we have worked this week! We’ve smashed our learning goals this week, let’s keep it up for our last half term in Year One!

Learning Legend: Crew Wilson’s learning legend this week is Daisy. Daisy has gone above and beyond in her learning, not just recently but consistently since the beginning of the year. Daisy always demonstrates her Howl’s in both the classroom and the playground and is a wonderful asset to her crew. I can always rely on Daisy to work hard in every lesson, she always has her hand up to answer questions, takes her time to make sure her work is beautiful and never needs reminders to keep on track with her learning. Daisy is also smashing her reading goals and is regularly rewarded for her effort in home reading tasks. Keep up the brilliant work Daisy, we are all so proud of you!