Crew Wilson Weekly Review: 2.7.2021

How is it July already?!?

It has been a strange week in Crew Wilson! I was out on Monday, planning for next years exciting expeditions, so Crew Wilson had a different member of staff, but I was informed they were displaying our Howls throughout the day and making our crew proud!

Highlights of the week:

Maths: We have been working on consolidating our knowledge and have been practicing our arithmetic skills throughout the week. We seem to have cracked addition and subtraction presented in a variety of ways. We know to read the question carefully and can effectively use the information provided to solve the problem, well done for your hard work! Shout out to Tia and Bobby-J for smashing their maths work and reaching green standard in record time!

Writing: We have been creating our own animal mash ups, the stranger the better! Then we wrote independent character descriptions to inform readers about which aspects we had taken from the different African animals. We had some very strange and wonderful creations, it was great to see the Crew’s imagination run wild!

Expedition: As we have nearly reached the end of our expedition, we have been testing our knowledge and working hard at creating beautiful display work, to show off to the rest of school how much we have learned over the summer term. I have seen some fantastic writing and artwork being created by children that are really taking their time to ensure their work is of the highest standard! It won’t be long until our Flamingo Land trip where we can see our brilliant informational display boards!

Treats: We had Fish and Chip Friday in the playground today. We loved our special reward for all of our hard work and want a chippy every week! We also have lot’s of exciting things planned for the last few weeks of term to celebrate all of our achievements from the year, watch this space!

Sports Day: We had such a brilliant afternoon on Tuesday at Sports Day! We tried so hard with every activity, were resilient and respectful to each other and cheered each other on the whole way through! Green Team won but that didn’t stop everyone celebrating their success! Such a fantastic afternoon and everyone should be super proud of their achievements!

Learning Legend:

Crew Wilson’s Learning Legend this week is Eva Hopper. Eva has been working very hard to improve her writing skills and is making very good progress, her handwriting is much neater and she is getting more confidence with reading her work back. Eva is also flying through our maths lessons and is regularly reaching green standard, demonstrating her ability to get smart in the lesson and apply her learning to her work. Keep it up Eva! 

Only two weeks left in Crew Wilson! We have three days transition into our new classes, then it is fun day, Flamingo Land trip and celebrate our hard work before the summer holidays. This year has flown by!!