Crew Fox blog week 6

Our HOWL average has shot up this week – our average was 2.8 🤩 … we’re getting closer and closer to a secure 3!

During The Write Stuff sessions 🖊, we’ve worked hard on using models of excellence around our room to help us get smarter 📕📝.

We’ve been using our text ‘Train to Impossible Places’ to magpie sentence structures in our writing… This is going above and beyond to get smart🌟!

We’re loving Scotty’s Heroes… pushing us to achieve our limits 🥵💪🏼!

This is helping us build stronger crew relationships❤️!

During expedition, we’ve been researching the history of the Doncaster Plant, using our historian researching skills…

Next week, we are aiming for a SECURE 3 HOWL average to end Autumn Term 1 on… 🤩. We are really trying harder with our concentration and are aiming to reach gold standard all day.

Happy Friday everyone, enjoy the ☀️ while it lasts!