Road safety week in FS1

This week we have been learning all about road safety at nursery. We talked about why it’s important to hold hands when walking along a busy street and why it’s important to look and listen when there is busy traffic. We played the game ‘stop and go’ in the big hall and outdoors. We even practised walking in a long line and holding hands outdoors! Crew Dorman are super safe!

We know to – ‘Stop, look and listen!’

We know to hold hands with a grown up near a busy road!

We know ‘red’ for STOP! and ‘green’ for GO!

Zebra crossings

Have black and white stripes like a zebra and are marked with flashing amber lights on top of stripy poles called ‘Belisha beacons’. At a zebra crossing you muststop, look, listen and wait for cars travelling in both directions to stop before you start crossing the road.

Pelican crossings

Have traffic lights and a button to press. The ‘red person signal’ means it is not safe to cross and children must stop and wait.
The ‘green person signal’ means it is safe to cross but you must check first that the traffic has stopped. Some crossings make a ‘beeping’ sound to tell people who can’t see when it is safe to cross.

Whatever type of crossing you use, you must always hold a grown up’s hand while crossing, and keep looking and listening for traffic!