Crew Godley Weekly Review 07.05.2021

NSPCC Maths Week ➕✖️➖➗

We’ve had lots of fun carrying out different maths challenges this week in Crew Godley. We’ve made our maths learning really fun by using practical activities to futher develop our number skills. We played parachute games, dominoes in Crew which developed our subitising skills and numicon bingo. Reggie was so excited when he won! We’ve had so much fun and topped it our with our number dress up day – Zach looked great with his numbered t-shirt!

Highlight of the week:

Our highlight of the week has to be our progress in phonics. Today the children who work with myself and Miss Tabone have really showed they have been working hard to get smart, by recalling all of their set one sounds and moving onto the next group. The Crew were so proud of them.


This week’s HOWL average: 2.9 We’ve had a very rocky week this week, after our notices and wonders in crew next week I am hoping we can all work on our pledges to get back into the threes next week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂