Crew Ferguson Weekly Blog WE: 3.9.21

What a brilliant first week we have had in Crew Ferguson. The children have really settled in and have started to work on our crew beliefs of working hard to get smart whilst being kind. They have started to score their daily accomplishments and use the the daily tracker to work as a crew more effectively.

We have enjoyed playing and experiencing the new areas of the classroom and getting to play with our friends again after the long break. We have impressed Miss Ferguson and the other adults in the unit with our tidying skills and ensuring our classroom is somewhere to be proud of.

We have worked hard during crew sessions to speak in full sentences and express how we are feeling. The adults in the unit are looking forward to really delving into out expedition topic this term “How can we celebrate our similarities and differences together?” and finding out all the great things the children find important to them.

Have a lovely Sunday.

See you all tomorrow for another week of great learning!