Swimming Super Stars (19/5/21) 🏊‍♂️

Our favourite time of the week fast approached and we couldn’t believe how quickly swimming came back around. We started the session by discussing safety at the beach and the signs to look for if there is danger. We then continued to move up groups, which again shows the amazing progress we are making. More children are getting into deeper parts of the pool and are showing how confident they are. We have more children retrieving the rings and a number were able to swim 25 metres without touching the floor – on their front and backs! It was another difficult choice for Swimming Super Star, but they are:

Keegan for showing fantastic listening skills in order to improve (Crew G)! 😀

Lucas for continuing to improve and show great progress in his new group (Crew G)! 😁

Grace for showing fantastic bravery when jumping in the deep end and retrieving the rings – she never gave up (Crew Mc)! 😃

Olivia for having such a fantastic attitude to swimming and just being a really positive influence in your group (Crew Mc)! 😄

I continue to be amazed by how proud each child is of their achievements! 😆