Lock Down Expedition

Hope and Glory

What hope have we got?

During the current Covid-19 lockdown, a group of children from Carcroft Primary School partnered up with Greentop Primary and XP Trust to design and create cards with a message of ‘hope’ for members of their local community, Carcroft.

The children completed this product through accessing live sessions from home which consisted of history, poetry, and art lessons. Although the children were not in their usual learning environment, they worked hard to create a quality product whilst showing increased independence.

Case Study 1 – History
Case Study 2 – Poetry
Case Study 3 – Art

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Celebration of Learning

The children decided that they wanted to create cards for the residents of China Cottage Care Home to bring some happiness to their day. They have thought about how this current situation has similarities with the World War and related this to current times. We hope you enjoy reading the poetry and looking at the wonderful art they have created.

You can click here to download the PDF file.