Crew Gerrard Weekly Blog (5.11.21)

What a great first week back we’ve had and our first as Crew Gerrard. We’ve had a great week and have enjoyed talking about Halloween and ended with Bonfire Night, discussing how to be safe! 🎆🎇🧛‍♂️🧙‍♀️🧟

We have made a start on our newspaper articles this week about the incidents that are happening in Afghanistan currently, regarding the Taliban and understanding how this is effecting people who live there. We have also recapped our Maths learning for addition and subtraction and made sure that we can complete the column method for both securely. Many of use were able to achieve beyond our Minimum Expectation, to reach reasoning and problem solving. This is really great to see, as it has put a smile on our Crew Leaders’ faces! 😃

Our HoWLs this week have not been as secure as previous weeks, we have at times found it hard to make sure that we are listening and stopping straight away. I know as a crew this is something we can improve on next week as we have spoken about it a lot in our crew sessions. We know that this will change next week, as we have been getting back into our routine!

Have a fantastic weekend, enjoy Bonfire night and stay safe! 😆