Mental Health Week continues in MI

In crew today we reflected on the piece of work we started yesterday before recapping bullying, what bullying is and how bullying can affect our mental health causing negative feelings. We linked our discussions back to our session last week and to our expert session. We then discussed that different feelings are experienced in different parts of our bodies. We looked at a variety of different feelings including being angry, shy, proud, confident, bored and happy then thought about which parts of our body tell us when we have these feelings. We discussed when we get sweaty hands or shaking hands, butterflies in our tummy, our heart beating quickly, seeing red and also feeling tearful. We shared times we have felt these different things. We then moved onto thinking about why? We discussed that when we experience uncomfortable feelings, it is our body’s way of saying that we need to change the situation. We discussed the different things we may do. Some of these included sharing our feelings with a trusted friend or adult, writing down how we feel, drawing an image or doodling to show our feelings or doing something positive like walking. From here we moved onto body image where we discussed that our feelings can be affected when we feel like we need to look a certain way, wear certain clothes and have our hair a certain way. We discussed that this can cause us to have low self esteem as we don’t feel good enough. We also discussed how the media can have a massive impact on this too.

We then continued to work on some of the work for our final product 🙂 We are really enjoying our crew sessions 🙂