Book talk continues in MI

We loved our entry ticket today where we tried to work on our fluency and speed by reading as many words as we could in 1 minute. It was important we didn’t read too fast as Mrs McClare would be asking questions after reading! Once we had read, we shared something that had happened with our partners then with our table, then with the whole crew. Mrs McClare asked us some questions too, “what verb was used instead of said? What does the word disguise mean? Can you put the word into your own sentence? Who else has to have a disguise? What is a corpse? What is a vow of secrecy? Why is this important after what we read yesterday? Do you agree with secrecy?’ We then unpicked any vocabulary we had text marked. We then read the text again using a chorus read and read around the robin. We really tried to use the punctuation when reading, pausing at commas, using expression for speech and taking a breath after a full stop. Our reasons to read really showcased that we had understood what we had read and our exit ticket allowed us to make predictions about the next part of the story. A great session in MI today 🙂