Grammar in MI

Today we explored emotive language and rhetorical questions, two key features we need to use when writing our persuasive letters. First we watched a clip exploring emotive language. We were given a range of pictures where we showed the emotion we felt. There was many laughs and giggles for some of these! We then discussed why writers use emotive language and the impact on the reader. Next we were given a range of language, we had to group the words under 4 headings- happy, excited, sad and angry. We worked in mini crews to discuss each word finding the synonyms. We then shared these back with the whole crew. Next we explored different scenarios where we discussed how the scenarios made us feel and which words were emotive.

We then moved onto rhetorical questions where we thought about the sections of our letter and where rhetorical questions could go. We used a range of sentence starters to help us build our own rhetorical questions in mini crews then shared these back with the whole crew. Our debrief allowed us to discuss how the rhetorical questions make us feel and the impact they will have on Mrs Atherton when she reads our persuasive letters!