Design and Technology day in MI

Today we started to think about how design and technology may link to our expedition. We started the day by unpicking our food diaries that we had completed over the easter holidays. We thought about which foods may be healthy and which are unhealthy. We then thought more about what makes a balanced diet. We looked at the eat well plate and the different foods we should be eating to ensure our diets are balanced. We enjoyed creating a class eat well plate.

From here we took part in a taste testing activity where we were blindfolded! We tasted a variety of foods and thought about if the foods were healthy or unhealthy. We thought about the taste of the foods and why we liked or didn’t like them. We thought about if these foods appear in our diets and if we needed to adapt our diets to make them more healthy.

We then looked at weighing scales and how we convert from grams to kilograms. We used the maths skills we had already gained on this area to help us. We then looked at the ingredients needed to make a batch of cookies. We worked in mini crews to weigh out all the ingredients we needed before mixing everything together. We thought about the ingredients we were using and if they were classed as healthy. We enjoyed eating our cookies at the end of the day!