Swimming Super Stars (9/06/21)! 🏊‍♂️

We may have had a week off of school, but our enthusiasm was still just as high as before for swimming. The children were excited to say the least. We recapped our safety, just to make sure that we hadn’t forgotten and then went straight into the deep end. It was amazing to see so many go in there for the first time and how bravely they took on this new challenge. Jumping in is probably the favourite part for most of us. Those who weren’t in the deep end have made some fantastic progress, too. They have been able to complete some more floating techniques, managed to perfect their push & glides, plus they have been able to swim without floats. This is fantastic! Another difficult decision for the swimming super stars, but they were:

Brayden for showing fantastic listening and brilliant technique. His glide was perfect and I think it could have gone on for even longer! (Crew G) 😀

Evie for being able to make great progression with her swimming. She is coming on really well! (Crew G) 😁

Roxanne for showing great bravery and getting back into the swing of things easily! (Crew Mc) 😃

Olly for being a superb swimmer. Your confidence keeps on growing! (Crew Mc) 😄

During the next two weeks, we will be going into the pool clothed, to further develop our skills. Can you make sure that the clothing is either pyjamas or shirt and shorts. The children don’t need to wear shoes, jeans or anything baggy. Any questions, then just ask! 😆