Reading in Crew Gerrard 📚(4.5.22)

Crew Gerrard enjoyed a trip to the library where we updated our books and had a read of them in the cosy room. It was great fun seeing how relaxed Crew Gerrard were and the enjoyment they had reading their books! We can’t wait to keep going!

A busy day in Crew MI

We have had a busy but productive day in MI! We thought more about our reading text ‘At the sign of the Sugared Plum’ and looked at a variety of inference type questions which focussed on the first chapter. We worked well in mini crews to explore the questions, using the text to support our answers.

We then spent some time preparing for our SLC thinking about our howls and making pledges to help us move forwards. We are really looking forward to sharing these with you next week.

In maths we worked hard to explore decimals. We all did really well on our fluency questions with many of us moving onto reasoning and problem solving questions.

Our crew howl score is continuing to improve! Keep it up Crew MI.

Reading helps us to better understand the world in which we live

Today I spent the morning with Mrs Ibbotson, our Reading Leader, looking at our Reading Strategy in action. It was a pleasure to see children so engaged in their Reading lessons across Year 2 to Year 6, whereby we spotted pupils practising their reading aloud, in order to develop their fluency so that they can then better understand their text. They were engaging in texts which would support them to better answer their guiding question for their current expedition. In some classes, the children were answering questions about the text and their Teachers were checking their understanding using protocols such as whip around and cold call. I particularly loved being in Crew Boswell, where they were being challenged by Mr B to further develop their oracy skills by providing a detailed response when asked a question. This session really made my day, to hear our pupils articulating their ideas with such elegance. Finally, I loved seeing so much collaboration in nearly every class including lots of paired reading and supporting one another to answer questions. Another lovely morning where I left feeling proud of what we are achieving together as a school.

Reading in Crew MI

Today in reading we played a quick game where we matched different words to their definition. Children worked well in partners to do this. We also thought about the word class of each word. From here we introduced our new vocabulary for the day (conservation) and unpicked the word together. We then read our text focussing on fluency and expression. We used a read around the robin, an echo read, a chorus read and then we read with our partner. Our fluency is really improving. Children then helped me to unpick some questions on the board looking at different question types and how we go about answering each question. I was super impressed with the amount of information children had remembered. Children are now ready to answer comprehension questions independently tomorrow.

BBK – Animals in danger

This morning we’re researching animals that are in danger to build our background knowledge. We are focusing on fluency skills to really ensure we understand what we are reading. I praise how some children are rereading our text to double check we are understanding what we are reading.

Now we understand a little more about animals in danger, we are creating our own BBK poster.

Improving pace and stamina in academic crew 📖

In crew this morning we were timed to answering 3 questions in 10 minutes and challenged to green by creating our own questions for peers within this time limit. We loved getting active and learning at the same time. Reading pace and stamina has been our focus this half term in academic crew and we can definitely see an improvement.

Crew MI

We have had a very busy day in Crew MI!

In reading the children used their inference skills to think about images and how they may relate to our new text. There were some fantastic ideas and children shared their thoughts really well.

In writing we watched part of the film The Lorax. We thought about how the film linked to our guiding question in expedition and we completed a role on the wall thinking about the characters appearance and personality. Again some great ideas!

In expedition we became geographers where we explored compass points and maps. We thought about what countries are on the equator along with exploring the tropics.

In maths we practised our timetables, divided numbers by ten and added decimals. We then moved onto looking at multiples. We worked on varied fluency questions first then challenged ourselves with some reasoning and problem solving questions.

Tomorrow I would like to see our howl score improve, we have pledged for this to be a 3. I really hope we can show this.