Crew Wilson Weekly Review: 7.5.2021

We have had a much better week in Crew Wilson! We are making sure that we are listening carefully to instructions so that we can be successful with our learning, and it has made a massive difference to the atmosphere in our classroom, let’s keep it up!

Highlights of the week:

Writing: We really enjoyed our experience day which helped inspire our Elmer narrative writing. We stomped like big heavy elephants and chotted our ideas down as a crew. We also practiced writing our tricky red words in sand, working collaboratively to do look, say, cover, write check!

Maths: We have been practicing our number bonds to 10 and 20 in lots of different ways! We have been working really hard at making sure our recall is super speedy so we can work out the answers to our questions quickly!

Expedition: We have been exploring the differences between villages, towns and cities! We also had a look at the different countries that make up the UK, and learned some really interesting facts! Did you know a welsh man invented the addition and equals symbol in maths?

NSPCC Number Day: Today we got dressed up in our best number-themed outfits and have really enjoyed practicing our maths skills throughout the week! Today we brought together everything we have learned so far in our arithmetic lesson and so many of us got to green standard by working hard and getting smart, well done everyone!

Check out our blog for ‘This Week in the Phase:KS1‘ to see all the fun we’ve had this week!

Learning Legend:

This weeks Learning Legend is Tommy F! Tommy has demonstrated a positive attitude towards his learning over the last couple of weeks and is trying so hard in all his lessons! His phonics and writing has come along fantastically and he is working on making sure his handwriting is beautiful – he really wants a golden ticket and is trying his best to achieve his goal! Keep up the great work Tommy, we are all so proud! 

Howl Average: We have ended the week on a 3.7 – lot’s of 4,4,4’s today which is a massive improvement for us! Let’s see if we can keep it up for next week!

NSPCC Maths Day Is Here !

Remember today is DRESS UP day! Wear something Maths related! We’d love to see numbers everywhere.

Voluntary contribution to the NSPCC of £1

Friday’s Maths Challenge!

  You have until Monday to submit your photographs.  Choose from the Maths at home challenge menu and photograph yourself completing a task.  

Send your photographs to to your crew leader on Class Dojo

Thursday’s Maths Challenge

Maths at home!  Maths is everywhere! 

Take a photograph of something maths related around the home.  This could be a clock, a shape, ml, l or g on food packets or even a pizza cut into fractions. 

Who will be the most creative? 

Send your photographs to your crew leader on class dojo

Best Way to Cut Pizza

Tuesday’s Maths Challenge

Maths is everywhere! 

Take a photograph of something maths related around our local community. 

This could be a percentage in a shop sale, a date on a building, a bus timetable or numbers on a traffic sign. 

Who will be the most creative?  Send your photographs to your crew leader on class dojo

Beautiful Work in Year One: What Mysteries Do Castles Keep

Check out our fantastic Year One display for our last expedition “What Mysteries Do Castles Keep?”

Scan to watch ‘The Battle of Carcroft Primary’
Our replica of Lincoln Castle

NSPCC Number Day

NSPCC Number Day at school

Dear Parents and Carers 

Next week is maths week at Carcroft (4th – 7th May).  We will be celebrating maths and to do this we will be doing the following:

  • Each day you will be informed of a challenge you can complete at home and bring into school or send to your crew leader on Class Dojo.
  • Each day there will be a FUN maths challenge on the blog for you to complete as a family at home
  • Friday is NSPCC Maths day so we will be having a ‘maths’ dress up day or Non-Uniform Day with numbers (£1 donation)

Please see the school blog for links to the NSPCC maths day website, ideas for dress up and daily posts next week.

NSPCC website:


Mr Longley 

Here are a few dress up ideas. We can’t wait to see the ideas!

Number's up for Keighley pupils | Keighley News
Fairfield Primary School - Number Day!
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NSPCC Number Day 2019 – South Park Primary Blog

Crew Wilson Weekly Review: 30.4.2021

We’ve had a fantastic week in Crew Wilson this week!

We launched our new expedition with an exciting hook day! You can see the video of our learning journey on our ‘This Week in the Phase: KS1″ page.

We’ve been writing postcards to tell people all about our adventures and our writing is getting better every day! We’ve discussed each of the different continents we visited and shared our ideas to create a brilliant bank of adjectives to use. Shoutout to Tommy F and Perrie for getting smart and independently adding their own ideas to their writing, striving for that green standard!

In maths we have been exploring number bonds and making sure that we can recite them super quickly – it’s been a challenge but we have risen to it! We’ve also been getting smart with using our resources, and have practiced lots of number sentences on our whiteboards to get our writing speed up! Shoutout to Dalton and Aleks for really using their brains to think about how the numbers interact with each other – mathematicians in the making!

We’ve given out lots of Howls throughout the week for children who are demonstrating their ability to work hard, get smart and be kind.

Debbie-Mae was our learning legend for the week for her fantastic effort across all of our lessons since returning from lockdown, Debbie-Mae is trying so hard and it’s amazing to see her resilience, keep it up!

Whilst daily blogs have gotten away from me (it’s been a very busy week!) I will share daily Howl Heroes again from Monday, so watch this space to see if your child is really demonstrating those habits of work and learning that we want to see in school. We want to celebrate our successes so keep an eye out for the blogs!

Overall we have had a better week in terms of listening and attention, and today is the first time in a while that we have seen lots of fabulous fours in our Howl Scores, let’s keep it up for next week!

Howl Average: 3.6

We’ve definitely had the Friday Feeling today, so enjoy the long weekend Crew Wilson and see you all bright and early on Tuesday morning 🙂

Crew Wilson Weekly Review: 23.4.2021

We have had a brilliant end to our week in Crew Wilson. The whole crew have really thought about our reflections from the week and have strived to improve their listening and attention skills today, and we have all worked very hard in our lessons. Let’s keep this attitude up for next week and we will see our howl scores shoot up high again!

Howl Heroes:

Work Hard: This goes to Declan for his massively improved attitude towards his learning this week. Declan has tried so hard in all his lessons and has created some fantastic work, keep it up!

Get Smart: This goes to Aleks for his amazing listening skills. Aleks never needs a reminder for making the right choices and has worked so hard in his maths lessons this week, well done!

Be Kind: This goes to Debbie Mae and Luke for their wonderful collaboration in arithmetic today. They communicated well about what the question was asking them and made sure they both had an equal amount of turns with the number line and pens, great work!

Howl Average: 3.6

After a pretty poor week for Howl Scores, I am very proud to say that we have finally got back up to a respectable score of 3.6! Hopefully we will start getting a lot more 4’s across the board next week as we have pledged to work even harder, get even smarter and be even kinder! We can do it Crew Wilson, we just need to stop the chatting and crack on with our learning!

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂

Crew Wilson Daily Blog: 22.4.2021

Highlight of the day:

We began to copy up our Wizard of Oz narrative writing from the week, taking care to ensure our handwriting was beautiful. Lots of the Crew did a fantastic job and cannot wait to show off their work to their grown ups!

Howl Heroes:

Work Hard: This goes to Dalton today for his brilliant effort to make his handwriting neat and tidy, well done!

Get Smart: This goes to Perrie for listening to instructions first time and completing her work to the best of her ability, keep it up Perrie!

Be Kind: This goes to Toby for helping the teachers tidy up the playground without being asked, well done!

Howl Score: 2.5

A slight improvement from yesterdays score but unfortunately we are still seeing a lot of the same silly behaviours in the classroom. We have reset our Howl expectations ready for tomorrow and we will hopefully be able to get through our full learning day with no reminders for working hard, getting smart and being kind.