Crew Wilson

We’ve had a great start to our week in Crew Wilson!

Jumping backwards down the number line to support the concept of one less

Exploring segregation in expedition this afternoon – Blue eyed children were treated differently to brown eyed children, we realised this is discrimination and we made a stand to be kind to everyone regardless of their characteristics.

Work Hard – Dylan – A little superstar today, smashing his learning and working so hard in every lesson

Get Smart – Levi – Using his listening ears to make sure he could properly understand what was been discussed in maths

Be Kind – Joshua – For not joining in with saying unkind things to the blue eyed children in expedition, even though the rest of the brown eyed children were.

Crew Wilson Final Review! 16.7.2021

I cannot believe I am writing the final blog of the year! How time flies! We have had such a great year despite the circumstances and I am so proud of each and every member of our Crew. Whilst the children have learned how to read, write and do maths, I have learned how to actually be a teacher and get the best out of them – I’ve not always got it right but the Crew have been there to help me every step of the way. We’ve faced some challenges throughout this dumpster-fire of a year but I can genuinely say I have absolutely loved it and I am so sad to see all my little mates go up to Year Two!

We’ve rounded off the year with a week of fun! Check out the highlights below, a full recap will be posted to This Week in the Phase shortly!

Flamingo Land:

Forest School:

SuperTato Day:

Water fight:

A Message to Parents:

I just want to say a massive thank you to all the parents that have supported me throughout the year. I couldn’t have done it without you! The amount of homework/home reading that has been completed this year is amazing and it has had a massive impact on your children’s progress, I soon regretted giving reading rewards out as I was spending £30 a weekend in B+M to fill the treat jar for the week! We’ve made amazing progress and you wouldn’t believe that these children missed a vital part of their foundation year! Everyone has worked so hard, got smart and being kind, and it is lovely to see the personalities that have developed and the relationships being created this year. It has been a pleasure to watch them grow and discover that they are more than capable of achieving anything they want if they concentrate and put their mind to it (rather than chatting!!!). I hope you all enjoyed reading your children’s reports and have celebrated their successes with them, they’ve worked so hard, I am proud and they should be too!

Thank you for all your kind gifts – I will have plenty to eat and drink over the summer holidays! It was so lovely to see all the handwritten cards from the children, I definitely didn’t cry one bit today 👀

Finally, have an amazing summer, we all deserve a massive rest and the chance to chill out, so stay safe and enjoy your freedom Crew Wilson, you have definitely earned it!

Thank you all for making my NQT year one to remember!

See you all in September in your brand new uniform!

Mr Wilson👨🏻‍🏫

Crew Wilson and Welburn

Wednesday – we are going out to forest school. Please send the children in old clothes as we are going to be toasting marshmallows, so they may get a little smoky, and appropriate footwear such as wellies or trainers that you don’t mind getting a bit muddy.

Friday – as well as non uniform day, we are going to have one final treat for the children… A water fight! Please send the children in clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting wet, with a towel and a change of clothes for after the water fight.

Crew Wilson Weekly Review: 10.7.2021

It’s been a bit of a strange week in Crew Wilson as we have had to isolate! But we haven’t let that stop us, we’ve worked really hard from home on all of our learning! We’ve been meeting online every day to check in with each other and it’s been great to see everyone’s smiling faces every morning. We’ve had a few technical difficulties along the way but Crew Wilson have been very resilient, even if it did take us a few days to learn how to mute our microphones! You’ve all worked so hard this week and should be massively proud of the independent work you’ve created! We’ve done lots of Praise/Notice/Wonders with our work this week, it’s been lovely to hear how much praise our crew have for each other, they’ve bonded so well this year and have so many kind things to say!


We explored the story ‘Mr Wuffles’, it was a bit weird because it only had pictures and no words! We had to work out the story just using the images and really enjoyed discussing the aliens we could see. We designed our own alien and their home planet and wrote some descriptive sentences to ‘sell’ our planet as a holiday destination. I was blown away with the work created at home, everyone worked so hard! Some of us even created our own alien language!


We have also been writing personal reflections this week, thinking carefully about our achievements from the year and deciding what we need to work on for Year Two. It was great to hear how honest the crew were, and even though some were feeling nervous about moving into a new class, by the end of the lesson we were feeling much more confident and ready to overcome their new challenges in Year Two!

I can’t wait to be back in the classroom ready for our final week of the term! It wasn’t too bad working online and we quickly got used to it, but it’s not the same as being in the classroom together! We’ve missed out on some fun things in school while we’ve been isolating so to make up for it we’ve got lots of exciting things planned and a few tricks up our sleeve!

See you all on Monday!

Crew Wilson Weekly Review: 2.7.2021

How is it July already?!?

It has been a strange week in Crew Wilson! I was out on Monday, planning for next years exciting expeditions, so Crew Wilson had a different member of staff, but I was informed they were displaying our Howls throughout the day and making our crew proud!

Highlights of the week:

Maths: We have been working on consolidating our knowledge and have been practicing our arithmetic skills throughout the week. We seem to have cracked addition and subtraction presented in a variety of ways. We know to read the question carefully and can effectively use the information provided to solve the problem, well done for your hard work! Shout out to Tia and Bobby-J for smashing their maths work and reaching green standard in record time!

Writing: We have been creating our own animal mash ups, the stranger the better! Then we wrote independent character descriptions to inform readers about which aspects we had taken from the different African animals. We had some very strange and wonderful creations, it was great to see the Crew’s imagination run wild!

Expedition: As we have nearly reached the end of our expedition, we have been testing our knowledge and working hard at creating beautiful display work, to show off to the rest of school how much we have learned over the summer term. I have seen some fantastic writing and artwork being created by children that are really taking their time to ensure their work is of the highest standard! It won’t be long until our Flamingo Land trip where we can see our brilliant informational display boards!

Treats: We had Fish and Chip Friday in the playground today. We loved our special reward for all of our hard work and want a chippy every week! We also have lot’s of exciting things planned for the last few weeks of term to celebrate all of our achievements from the year, watch this space!

Sports Day: We had such a brilliant afternoon on Tuesday at Sports Day! We tried so hard with every activity, were resilient and respectful to each other and cheered each other on the whole way through! Green Team won but that didn’t stop everyone celebrating their success! Such a fantastic afternoon and everyone should be super proud of their achievements!

Learning Legend:

Crew Wilson’s Learning Legend this week is Eva Hopper. Eva has been working very hard to improve her writing skills and is making very good progress, her handwriting is much neater and she is getting more confidence with reading her work back. Eva is also flying through our maths lessons and is regularly reaching green standard, demonstrating her ability to get smart in the lesson and apply her learning to her work. Keep it up Eva! 

Only two weeks left in Crew Wilson! We have three days transition into our new classes, then it is fun day, Flamingo Land trip and celebrate our hard work before the summer holidays. This year has flown by!!

Crew Wilson Weekly Review: 18/6/2021

We have had a fantastic week in Crew Wilson this week! We have worked so hard to get through all of our learning and have really demonstrated an improvement with our listening and attention!

Highlights of the Week:

Expedition: We have really enjoyed exploring the Arctic and Antarctic continents this week. We have written fact files for animals in these climates, have explored food chains and have created some fantastic pointillism footprints too!

Maths: We have continued with our arithmetic work, answering number sentences presented in different ways. We have also explored vertices and sides of 2D shapes and have had a practice at representing numbers with arrays.

Crew: We have completed lots of fun things in our daily Crew sessions this week. We have used directional language to guide our blindfolded friends around the playground, we have practiced our communication skills with whisper games and have used praise, notice and wonder as part of our gallery walk. We have loved looking back through our work and giving each other praise for what we have accomplished!

Howl Average: We have ended the week with an average score of 3.6 – a great achievement. Let’s see if we can beat it next week by working hard, getting smart and being kind.

Learning Legend:

Perrie is Crew Wilson’s learning legend this week as she always strives to achieve her best in all areas of learning. Perrie is a maths whiz and consistently gets on to extension questions in every lesson, and is trying very hard to improve her writing. Perrie is working so hard and we are so proud of all she has achieved this year! 

Crew Wilson Weekly Review

We have had a fantastic first week back after half term in Crew Wilson and we have definitely been spoiled with the beautiful weather. We seemed to have turned a corner with our attitude to learning and demonstrating our howls throughout every lesson. We’ve had a lot of 4,4,4’s this week which is a brilliant achievement. However, we still have some work to do on our chattiness so that we can get through all of the learning planned, as it isn’t very long till the end of term and we have still got lots to do before then!

Highlights of the Week:

Maths: We have been looking at splitting numbers into 10’s and 1’s, using manipulative objects to support us. It was quite tricky but we soon got the hang of it, and by the end of the lesson we were identifying the different parts of numbers up to 50! Well done Crew Wilson!

Expedition: We have had a never-ending list of tasks to complete this week for expedition, as our final product is being created next week so we had lots to finish off. We have practiced our art skills lots this week, working on colour mixing, pointillism and collage and we have created some beautiful work to go on our information board at Flamingo Land. We are very excited to see what our final product will look like when all of our work is pulled together!

Crew: In crew this week we have been working on building trust and developing communication skills, working in mini crews and pairs to complete different activities. Our favourite was our blind-folded trust walk, it was tricky to rely on a friend to guide us around the playground and not peek from under our blindfolds but we trusted our partners and did very well. Next week we will make it a bit more difficult with an assault course to navigate, watch this space!

Howl Average:

We have ended the week on a 3.7 – a very good score for us! Let’s keep this momentum going and work very hard, get even smarter and be kind all the way up to the summer holidays!

Great work this week Crew Wilson, I am very proud of all we have achieved in our first week back!

Crew Wilson Weekly Review: 28.5.2021

We did it! We made it to the end of another half term, and we have had another jam-packed week in Crew Wilson!

Highlights of the Week:

Expedition: We have continued with our expedition work, investigating how animals adapt to their habitats. This week we have had a closer look at the continent of Africa, exploring the different animals that live there. We have completed fact files and food chains for Lions, Zebras, Leopards and Giraffes, and learned lots of new facts! Did you know that Giraffes have a hairy purple tongue that helps protect them when they eat thorny leaves? We also began to plan a part of our final product, practicing colour mixing and pointillism to create some beautiful work!

Maths: We have been practicing number bonds to 20 and exploring addition and subtraction fact families. We had to look very carefully at the numbers to make sure we answered the question correctly, it was quite tricky but by the end of the week be smashed it!

Crew: We have been working hard in mini crews this week, practicing our communication skills through different activities. We wore blindfolds and had to guide a partner round the classroom using directional language and worked hard by giving clear instructions. We worked in teams to get across the big trim-trail on the muga pitch, making sure we were being kind and cheering each other one! We also played the telephone game, where we had to pass a phrase around the circle and see if it changed along the way – we ended up with some very funny results! And today we were very excited to see the big reveal of our new school logo and had lots of praise for the final design! We loved how they used the rainbow colours and the miners wheel from our designs, and cannot wait to wear our new uniform in the new school year!

Howl Average: We have ended the week on a 3.7, a very good score which reflects how hard we have worked this week! We’ve smashed our learning goals this week, let’s keep it up for our last half term in Year One!

Learning Legend: Crew Wilson’s learning legend this week is Daisy. Daisy has gone above and beyond in her learning, not just recently but consistently since the beginning of the year. Daisy always demonstrates her Howl’s in both the classroom and the playground and is a wonderful asset to her crew. I can always rely on Daisy to work hard in every lesson, she always has her hand up to answer questions, takes her time to make sure her work is beautiful and never needs reminders to keep on track with her learning. Daisy is also smashing her reading goals and is regularly rewarded for her effort in home reading tasks. Keep up the brilliant work Daisy, we are all so proud of you!

Crew Wilson Weekly Review: 21.5.2021

We have had a busy week in Crew Wilson, with lots of focus on our expedition learning!

Highlights of the Week:

Maths: We have been exploring the different ways we can write number sentences. It was very tricky to start with but we quickly realised that when we write addition and number sentences, the numbers just swap around. We even learnt a new word for this – commutativity! We’ve been working hard at applying this new concept to our maths problems, thinking carefully about what the question is asking us to do and finding the correct method to find the answer.

Writing: We have been using our writing lessons to inform our expedition work, working hard to write chunks of sense about different farm animals in the UK. We used this weeks non-fiction writing as a practice because soon we will be writing fact files about the animals we discovered in Africa which will be part of our final product – an information board in Flamingo Land!

Expedition: We have been investigating different animals and their food chains in expedition this week, using vocabulary such as producer, consumer, predator, carnivore, herbivore and omnivore! We used our research skills to find out information about the different animals and have used what we found to inform our writing! We also had a very exciting Zoom call with a Penguin handler from the Deep in Hull! We got to look inside the penguin enclosure, meet some of the penguins and ask any questions that we had, it was so fun!

Howl Average:

We have ended the week on a 3.5 – a massive improvement from where we were at the beginning of the week. As we come into our final week of the half term we really need to think about how we can demonstrate our Howls in every lesson throughout the day. We are a very chatty crew and it has impacted on our learning time, so we definitely need to focus and save our talking for designated social times!

Learning Legend:

Our learning legend this week is Finn as he has demonstrated a great improvement with his attitude towards his learning over the last few weeks. Whilst his handwriting needs a little work, Finn tries really hard to make beautiful work every time and can correct his own mistakes without being prompted. Finn is working really hard at home to develop his reading pace and is flying through our phonics lessons – proof that practice really does make a huge difference! Finn has also consistently helped other pupils when he can see they are struggling or need a bit of support, keep it up Finn, you are a valuable asset to Crew Wilson! 

Crew Wilson Weekly Review: 14.5.2021

We’ve had a great week in Crew Wilson! We have whizzed through so much learning and have demonstrated how we work hard by getting smart! We’ve also had lots of acts of kindness in our crew this week, it’s great to see children looking out and taking care of each other!

Highlights of the week:

Writing: In writing we have continued with our Elmer narrative, and have had some fantastic ideas shared in our lessons. The Crew are striving so hard to reach green standard by deepening the moment in their writing, extending their ideas and using conjunctions to join sentences together – keep up the great work!

Maths: In maths we have continued to explore teen numbers, working hard on our number bonds to 20. We’ve tried lots of different ways to get them to stay in our brains which we will continue with next week. You can work hard to get smart at home by practicing these with objects in your home!

Expedition: In expedition we have continued to explore our new guiding question “How do animals adapt to their habitats?”. This week we have learned all about continents, oceans and the equator! We have also begun our science case study, investigating the difference between things that are alive, dead and never being alive! Find out what we have learned in our new expedition so far by visiting our expedition website!👇🏻

Howl Average:

A really good score of 3.5 to end our week on. We have seen lots of improvement with our listening skills this week and have celebrated some members of the crew for demonstrating their commitment to improving their howls, keep it up Crew Wilson!

Learning Legend:

Dalton has worked so hard at improving his writing and is really taking his time to ensure his letters are formed correctly and his sentences make sense. Dalton is also our crews mathematician and will help anyone who asks, he is always willing to give a helping hand to his crew! Dalton is working on his confidence when speaking in front of his crew and has really come out of his shell since September, keep up the great work Dalton! 

Check out all of our learning from the week on our “This Week in the Phase: KS1” blog page!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, remember to read your home reading book twice over the weekend to earn a reward!