Our week in Crew Thiede (the last one 🥲) 16.7.21

After starting the year in Year Two I was so excited (and a little bit terrified) when I was asked to become part of the EYFS crew. School was still so new for our little learners and EYFS was a new adventure for me too! Since March we have all come so far together. The children have grown so tall (sadly Miss Thiede still isn’t any taller) and have grown even more in personality and character.

It is unbelievable to think that when the pandemic started some of our youngest children were still only babies and that school was their first time meeting new people and being without their grown ups. We have all overcome so many challenges this year and I am sure that all the EYFS staff and parents/carers would agree that it has been made so much easier with the constant smiles, giggles and optimism that our little people gave bucket loads of.

The children have made so much progress this year! Little do they know but while they have been busy exploring all their favourite activities in the classroom they have been doing so much amazing learning! Listening to them talk so clearly to each other, solving problems and thinking back to what they have done before makes me grin from ear to ear! I am so proud of our EYFS crew and everything that has been achieved this year.

Thank you to all the parents/carers in EYFS! Your support (and willingness to send the children in SO many fancy dress costumes) has been invaluable! You should be so proud of your little people, I know I am! Also, a big thank you for all the appreciation you have shown for our Staff Crew and for all of the kind gifts today (they will all be throughly enjoyed in week 4 of the holidays when I don’t have to worry about squeezing into my bridesmaids dress)!

Good luck to all of Crew Thiede, I know that you will be amazing in all of your adventures next year!

You have been an total joy and it has been my absolute pleasure to be a part of your first year at school!


As you will have guessed by now here in Crew EYFS we love dressing up and having a special day of learning. It is such a fun way for our little crew members to explore their world and discover something new! Now that we are heading into our final week of the year we want to continue the excitement for as long as possible. 

We all know the nail biting, gut clenching, heart pumping feeling that comes with watching England play football! Well this week it will be even more nerve racking… 

On Friday 9th July, we will be continuing our fun filled foundation finale with a Three Lions Football day! We would like to invite the children to come to school in a football themed outfit. There is absolutely no pressure for extravagant outfits. Football shirts/kits, t-shirts with a football theme, football fancy dress or red and white outfits for England will all look fantastic! 

The day will be filled with football themed activities like a penalty shoot out, flag designing and singing It’s Coming Home! 

We really (really, really, really) hope that this day will be the start to an exciting weekend build up to watching England compete for the title. However, if we don’t make it quite all the way then we will still celebrate the achievements of the team in getting to the semi-final. 

Keep your fingers crossed! 


Our Week in Crew Thiede 28.6.21

We have had such a fun week in Crew Thiede! There has been so many highlights it would be impossible to pick just one!

Sports Day

The children worked so hard at Sports Day! They were all showed so much sportsmanship. They cheered for their friends and we all happy when everyone won! We had sack race, egg and spoon, an obstacle course and lots of other fun races.

Pirate Day

Pirate Day was so much fun! Everyone looked fantastic dressed up as pirates! We played lots of pirate games and even had a three legged race. Our pirate crafts looked amazing! In the afternoon we had a big water fight! We got really wet and had so much fun, we even got to throw water at Miss Thiede!


This weeks HOWL score is 2.9! We are so close to getting a 3, keep going Crew!

Shout outs

Koa – You have worked so hard at Being Kind this week! It has lovely to see you achieve all 3’s this week!

Hunter – Your maths assessments blew us all away this week! Well done, keep up the hard work!

Our week in Crew Thiede 7.6.21

We have had a lovely sunny start to the final half term in F1. ☀️ The children have come back with such a positive attitude and are going to make this the best term yet!

We started our week off with some crew building. We used blocks to see how big we could build a tower. 👷🏻 The children worked in mini crews before coming together to share their ideas. We talked about the best way the place the blocks and how we can make the tower stronger. Most importantly we learnt a lot about sharing, working together and how this makes a strong crew. 👫🏻

To finish our week we acted out our story: What the Ladybird Heard! 🐞 We used the masks we made in creative with Mrs Rafter so that we looked like the animals in the story! We did a great job and together we confused Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len so much that they fell in the pond and couldn’t take the fine prize cow! 🐄 A big thank you to Ebony, Keya, Freya, Isaac, Keya and Freya from Crew Fox for your help. You were amazing actors 👏🏻

Shout outs

🌟 Eveah- You have had an amazing week ❤ You have been an amazing example of Crew and have shown all your HOWLs all day, everyday!

🌟 Charlie – such a settled start to this half term. The adults have been blown away with your attitude to school this week, keep it up!

This week’s HOWL score was 3! An amazing start, let keep going!

Our week in Crew Thiede 17.5.21

Just like that another week has flown by! This week we have been Very Hungry Caterpillars 🐛

We read the story together and thought about how the caterpillar changed throughout the story. Our caterpillars in class have changed a lot this week, I wonder if they will creep into their cocoon next week? We then worked collaboratively to order the story.

In maths we counted caterpillars, some caterpillars must have been very hungry as some children began to count past 10! We also began to explore pattern, we made some very colourful caterpillars!

The caterpillar eats lots of healthy fruit at the start of the story and this week we got to try lots of it! We had crunchy apples and pears and juicy plums, strawberries and oranges 🍎🍐🫐🍓🍊 After we tried the fruit the children began to draw it! Some children even started to use initial sounds ‘a’ and ‘s’!

Shout out!

Henley – you have been amazing this week, such a positive attitude to school and learning! We were especially impressed with your name writing!

Our week in Crew Thiede (10.5.21)

It’s been another busy week of working hard, getting smart and being kind!


This week we have been developing our fine motor skills. We had lots of exciting jobs that help our funky fingers become strong and ready for writing. We threaded, balanced, poked and even made marks in glitter!


This week we read Farmer Duck. We talked a lot about how the duck is treated and how this makes him feel. After thinking about what would make a duck happy we got busy creating lovely happy places for Farmer Duck to live! In the creative area Porsha designed a garden with water and a roof to keep Farmer Duck safe and in the playdough area children worked collaboratively to make a scene of things that would make him happy. They made, wiggly worms and seeds to eat, grass to live and hide in and lots of duck friends to keep him company.


We planted our sunflowers yesterday! 🌻 The children worked as a crew to plant sunflower seeds and think about how we are going to look after them. We are looking forward to seeing the shoots appear, fingers crossed we will see them next week 🤞🏻

Shout outs 🙌🏻

Lily-Ann for an amazing week of working hard. You have really impressed this week with your positive attitude.

Double shout out for Lucas! You thought really hard about what you were going to say in group discussions and are starting to use full sentences without adult help. You also were an amazing crew mate clapping and celebrating a crew member when they received praise!

This week’s HOWL average was 2.9! Let’s aim for 3 next week!