Crew Shields – 11/6/21

Crew Shields started the week with some team building which involved a lot of concentration and communication. The children worked as mini crews to lower the hula hoop to the floor using just their fingertips. They found this tricky to start but preserved until they were successful.

In writing, we started our new unit of a non chronological report about the digestive system. This is a new form of writing for the children but they have made a great start.

This has been a much improved week for Crew Shields with our Howls. It has been lovely seeing the children consistently work hard, get smart and be kind. 😁

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine. 🌞

Crew Shields – 28/5/21

Happy half term! It seems the weeks are absolutely flying by as we near the end of this academic year.

Crew Shields have been extremely busy this week as we have continued with our expedition. There has been lots of collaborative learning as they worked towards creating a healthy lunchbox option. It was lovely hearing them discuss and reason their decisions.

Fractions have really got out brains working this week as we started looking at equivalent fraction, comparing and ordering fractions. The children were extremely resilient even when they found some aspects tricky. A fabulous skill to be developing as the children get Year 4 ready.

We ended the week with soak the teacher, thankfully this was Mr Longley. This was a reward for the children from winning a spin on the shell for their howls.

Thank you for your continued support this half term, it is really appreciated. Have a great half term and keep safe.

Crew Shields – 21/5/21

Crew Shields started the week by doing some litter picking on the school field. They worked as small crews to help clear the edge of the field and ensure our school environment is tidy and safe.

It has been a busy week in Crew Shields as we started our Case Study 2 for expedition. The children have been exploring healthy foods and took part in a blind food tasting activity. They were not impressed with the pickled onion food option, in most cases this got the thumbs down. 👎This was followed by an investigation into the amount of sugar that drinks contain. The visual representation of the amount of sugar was quite shocking for them. Yesterday, the children started using this knowledge to plan a healthy lunch option that contains each of the food groups. 🍜 🍲 There were some great discussions taking place and negotiations as they came to final decisions on what they should include. I’m looking forward to hearing their pitch next week. More to follow on that… 😀

Crew Shields – 14/5/21

Crew Shields have had a great week in expedition as we learned how to make and label muscles. To further embed learning the children investigated which muscles they would use when carrying out an activity. They can name some of the muscles and locate them on the body. In today’s lesson, they explored how the muscles support movement. This did result in popping balloons which made us jump.

There has been lots of opportunities for children to get smart and use their prior knowledge, this week. We are working hard on our arithmetic and basic number facts. Our next challenge is to start applying this knowledge to worded problems.

NSPCC Maths Day Is Here !

Remember today is DRESS UP day! Wear something Maths related! We’d love to see numbers everywhere.

Voluntary contribution to the NSPCC of £1

Friday’s Maths Challenge!

  You have until Monday to submit your photographs.  Choose from the Maths at home challenge menu and photograph yourself completing a task.  

Send your photographs to to your crew leader on Class Dojo

Thursday’s Maths Challenge

Maths at home!  Maths is everywhere! 

Take a photograph of something maths related around the home.  This could be a clock, a shape, ml, l or g on food packets or even a pizza cut into fractions. 

Who will be the most creative? 

Send your photographs to your crew leader on class dojo

Best Way to Cut Pizza