Final Week of expedition – 1/4/22

Wow! It has been such a busy week in Crew Shields as we completed our final products. I was extremely impressed with the children’s dedication to bringing items in for their design. They conducted themselves in a mature and safe manner to ensure they kept not only themselves safe but also others.

I am beyond proud of how they have done and we’re super excited for you to see the final product! No doubt you’ll be as impressed as myself and Mrs Smith are with them.

Crew Shields – 16/7/21

It is so hard to believe this is the final blog for my crew before the children enter a new stage in their academic journey.

I have always been fortunate to have a crew that makes me smile and this year has been no different. They are such an amazing bunch of children and I have truly loved teaching them. Their resilience is second to none and they strive to move forward with learning all the time. They are leaving year 3 as confident learners ready to embark year 4.

Thank you to all the parents for your continued support this year. It is greatly appreciated.

Please have a fun and exciting summer and keep each other safe. I look forward to hearing what they’ve been up to when we return in September.

Crew Shields – Movie night

Crew Shields are enjoying an end of year treat for being amazing this year. A movie night with hotdogs, popcorn, hot chocolate and treats. A lovely way to end an unsettled year due to covid but one where the children have worked extremely hard! Well done Crew Shields.

Crew Shields – 8/7/21

What an amazing day we’ve all had at our fun day! It has been an action packed day filled with fun, laughter and enjoyment.

They had a go on Tug of war and I’ll be honest I didn’t stand a chance against them. Thankfully some children felt sorry for me being against 17 and helped me out.

Then it was time to practice their dribbling and penalty shoot out. Some great skills shown by the children. Southgate might need to open up some positions in the future.

Crew Shields – 8/7/21

What an amazing day we’ve had at our fun day. It’s been an action packed day filled with fun, laughter and enjoyment.

The children had a go at Tug of war which allowed them to demonstrate their strength. I did try to take them all in but I didn’t stand a chance against 17. Thankfully a few children offered to help me win. #crew

we finished the day on the bouncy castle and assault course inflatable. They really enjoyed this and I won’t be surprised if they are exhausted tonight. I know I am.

Year 3

The Year 3 crew would like to invite you to our end of year class surprise. We would like to invite the children to a secret movie night on Wednesday 14th (3-5pm).

We will be enjoying hot chocolate, sweets and popcorn while we enjoy a fun film. The children are welcome to bring pyjamas and a pillow if they choose to. We would really like to keep this a surprise as a long as possible. 

This would be a Year 3 event only.

Please reply via dojo if your child will be allowed to join us for the movie night. 

Crew Shields – 2/7/21

What a busy week! Can’t believe there are only 2 weeks left of this academic year.

The children have been extremely busy as we have worked hard to ensure we are finishing up aspects of our learning. We completed our writing unit and to say I was impressed, would be an understatement. It was evident they had been actively listening and used the opportunities to think/pair/share to help clarify their ideas. They should be so proud of the progress they’ve made in all areas of the curriculum. In Maths, we have been working on some challenges that allow us to further embed our knowledge of place value. It’s always such a pleasure watching the children support each other and hearing them explain their reasoning.

Sports Day!! What a fantastic event which is thanks to Miss Marsh. She organised such a fun morning for the children and it was great that they got to work with children they wouldn’t normally. There are definitely some budding Olympians amongst our children.

Now I think this is the most exciting part of the week for the children…

Chippy lunch! The kids loved their lunch and a massive thank you to Reece’s mum for being the ketchup. We all appreciated the kind thought. 😁

Have a great weekend.

Crew Shields – 19/6/21


Crew Shields are winners! Read on to find out more…

This has been an exciting week as it has seen us complete our second case study in expedition.

During the case study, the children had to design a healthy lunchbox based on the Eatwell guide. Crew Shields worked as mini crews to design and present their ideas. They then voted for their favourite which was the lunch they made.

Their lunchbox was a chicken,cheese and lettuce wrap with mayo. Cucumber and carrot sticks with a yoghurt, pure orange and a small cake bar for a balanced meal.

On Thursday afternoon, we made our lunch while also learning about the importance of life skills and hygiene when cooking. The children had the opportunity to cut, peel, grate and ensure they presented it well. I am extremely Proud of how the children conducted themselves.

We were lucky enough to have Mr Tucker, Miss Whitehead and Aimee from the kitchen join us judge our products.

Chloe and Georgie presented our design along with the other crews. They did a great job of this and shared their books that showed their instructions and itinerary.

Crew Shields were the winners. The judges loved how the children not only wrote clear instructions to make their lunch but also considered the hygiene aspects such as washing hands, tying up hair and washing the fruit/vegetables.

I would like to say a massive well done to the Crew Shields, it was a well deserved win!