Crew SB – 8/10/21

World Mental Health Day – today we have discussed the strategies we have for keeping our mind healthy. It was lovely to hear the children share the ways they relax such as playing games, colouring, exercise, listen to music or reading were some of the suggestions. To emphasis the importance of mindfulness, the children took part in a yoga session. It was lovely to see all the children joining in.

I has has been an extremely busy week in writing where the children have moved towards writing the whole plot point rather than just a chunk. The children have met this challenge and exceeded it in some cases. I have been blown away by the amount they have been writing and the quality they are starting to produce.

Next week will be the last week of this half term. The children have had an extremely busy half term and have accomplished so much. Only 1 week left and I know that some of the children are ready for the break. Have a lovely weekend.

Crew SB – 1/10/21

it’s been a busy week in Crew SB as we have been preparing for the next take of plot points in writing. This has involved the children collecting lots of vocabulary to describe different aspects of the Harry Potter film. They are now prepared for the plot points next week. We’re excited to read their writing as it’s lovely to see their personality shine through

In Cojo, they have been working on their communication and observational skills. This was a very successful week for them as they worked collaboratively to complete the activity to the best of their ability. They supported each other and ensured used their communication skills effectively.

We have been developing our computing skills this week which has involved becoming more familiar with the Scratch programme. Working in pairs, they had to create their own background and spite in preparation for developing an algorithm to move the sprite.

Have a lovely weekend.

Crew SB – 24/9/21

This week, the children have enjoyed an experience day where they got to experience life as a factory worker. The children were given a profile as to their new age, name and medical conditions as a factory worker. One activity included having to lip read a message and pass it round the circle, as you can image the message was very different by the end of the circle. This was to allow children the chance to experience the difficulties children of this time would have had due to the noise of the machinery.

The next activity involved collecting cotton from under the loom, however, they needed to be quick to ensure they didn’t suffer any injuries. Unfortunately, a couple of children sustained mild ‘injuries’ which were bandaged up.

I wonder if next week, we can ensure that we are always being kind towards our peers.

Have a lovely weekend.

‘The Mill’ experience day UKS2

Hi all,

Next week, we are having an experience session in expedition to experience what life was like during the industrial revolution. Please can you pack a spare change of clothes for the children that you don’t mind getting dirty. This session will be either Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday so please pack ready for Tuesday. 

Thank you


Crew SB – 10/9/21

What a wonderful week we’ve had in UKS2 made even better with our trip to Harry Potter world. The trip was absolutely amazing and the children’s ere a credit to the school and their families with how well they conducted themselves while out of school. Even the children who aren’t particularly huge Harry Pitter fans have expressed how much they enjoyed it. Definitely worth a visit to explore. Looking forward to seeing how the children use their experience when completing learning during this expedition.

We have have had a more formal timetable this week, getting back to to our trusty routines and structures. To say the children have not long come back after the school holidays, they have settled back into our routines quickly.

In maths, we have been refreshing ourselves on place value as we understand the importance of having a strong foundation with the value of numbers. This underpins all aspects of maths so it’s essential the children are confident with this aspect of Maths.

Today in PE, we were so impressed with their kindness and eagerness to support each other. They were returning the ball for their peers, coaching each other through each activity and cheering each other on. This was lovely to see and shows how well they have come together as a crew since our return.

A great week in Crew SB and I’m looking forward to another week with our amazing crew.
Have a lovely weekend.

Crew SB – 3/9/21

First week back…not a problem for our new year 5’s. It has been lovely having the children back in school. They have blown us away with how quickly they have settled back into school life.

This week has involved lots of book lessons to engage the children in their new expedition. On Wednesday, we spent a day at Hogwarts and had lessons in the Defences against the dark arts, Transfiguration, Quidditch and Potions. This allowed the children an opportunity to work with others In the phase. Some great learning happened and the children spoke positively about the activities.

Thursday was art day which focused on watercolours. They learned a range of techniques and then had the opportunity to explore using them. These skills were then used to produce a small art piece. We were very impressed with the quality.

We are really looking forward to getting into our normal timetable next week and then our trip to Harry Potter World.

Have a fantastic weekend. 😁