NSPCC Number Day

NSPCC Number Day at school

Dear Parents and Carers 

Next week is maths week at Carcroft (4th – 7th May).  We will be celebrating maths and to do this we will be doing the following:

  • Each day you will be informed of a challenge you can complete at home and bring into school or send to your crew leader on Class Dojo.
  • Each day there will be a FUN maths challenge on the blog for you to complete as a family at home
  • Friday is NSPCC Maths day so we will be having a ‘maths’ dress up day or Non-Uniform Day with numbers (£1 donation)

Please see the school blog for links to the NSPCC maths day website, ideas for dress up and daily posts next week.

NSPCC website:



Mr Longley 

Here are a few dress up ideas. We can’t wait to see the ideas!

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Crew Nicholson 19.4.21

Fun on the farm… Today we enjoyed our special visit to launch our next topic where we will be exploring ‘Who lives on Old MacDonalds Farm?’ 🐑🐓🐰🦆🦙 We got to pet small animals such as a rabbit, a guinea pig, a duck and a chicken. We were even lucky to see one of the ducks lay an egg and the children got to have a feel as it was still warm. We met Fred the tortoise who is 50 years old!! We then got to see Harry the donkey, Monty the pony and some of us brushed their fur! We also loved the alpacas, goats and the sheep. I think one of the favourites though was the beautiful sheep dog Meg. We loved throwing her hoop for her to catch and bring back! She was a little bit cheeky though and ran onto the muga and pinched the football the boys were playing with 🤣 We had a fantastic time and the children were so lovely and careful with the animals. We can’t wait to get started on our topic! 👨🏻‍🌾

Crew Nicholson 14.4.21

We’re off to see the wizard!! 🧙🏻 Today we enjoyed our special treat watching The Wizard of Oz production and dressed up as the characters. The children sat absolutely amazing watching the show, displaying green standard behaviour 🤩 We had so much fun and joined in with singing and clapping. We booed the wicked witch and we helped Dorothy and her friends find the wizard!

All the children were winners for their efforts for their costumes, but the overall winner was Aubree! She dressed up in a beautiful handmade Munchkin dress. She looked amazing, well done!
We had a lovely circle time where we chose a favourite outfit to talk about. The children paid each other some lovely compliments 🥰

Crew Nicholson 15.3.21

This morning we enjoyed PE with Coach Dylan. We had so much fun pretending to be fish while Coach Dylan was a shark and we had to work hard to listen to instructions so that he didn’t catch us! 🦈 🐟

The sun definitely had his hat on this afternoon ☀️ We enjoyed an afternoon of sunshine and took our learning outside. In between finding worms, we did our name practice and practised writing the letter ‘a’ which is our sound of the week this week! We were getting smart by thinking about what objects we know that begin with an ‘a’ sound.

We enjoyed our first of the year outdoor snack time, it was so lovely to sit in the sunshine together 😍

🌟star moments 🌟

The children are working hard to get really smart at writing their name. Our morning task is to now come in and find our name and practice writing it. Some children are writing it independently without their name card now, this is fantastic! If you can spend 5 minutes with your child practising their name, this will really support them to progress in this skill, especially as we now head towards thinking about starting reception 🙊

We absolutely love mark making in nursery and today we made marks on tin foil! The children love experimenting with different media and materials!

We shared some books and the children chose a friend to share their story with. They talked about the story together and looked at the pictures. Encouraging your child to read and sharing stories together is so rewarding for them ❤️

— Crew Nicholson 10.3.21