Crew Mcloughlin weekly blog 11/06/21

Crew HoWLopoly wheel

We span the wheel for our improved weekly HoWL average from last term and the children got what they wanted…number 1… a lesson fun pass. So they have chosen to swap writing on Monday and do a fun PE session instead. I suppose I should be thankful it didn’t land on wet sponge your teacher 😬

Crew Mc Authors📝

In our writing lessons for this term we are focusing on the short clip ‘Roads End’. We have gathered some outstanding vocabulary to describe the mysterious man and the dessert setting. Here are some snaps of us showing off our hard work…

Crew Mc Mathematicians ➕🟦📏

We have been calculating the perimeter of compound and rectilinear shapes. This has put our shape and addition knowledge to the test, but we have loved the challenge!

Crew Mc Artists 🎨

Practising our sketching techniques in the sunshine… any opportunity to have a photo but in true Crew Mc style half of them ran out of the shot.

Swimming Super Stars (9/06/21)! 🏊‍♂️

We may have had a week off of school, but our enthusiasm was still just as high as before for swimming. The children were excited to say the least. We recapped our safety, just to make sure that we hadn’t forgotten and then went straight into the deep end. It was amazing to see so many go in there for the first time and how bravely they took on this new challenge. Jumping in is probably the favourite part for most of us. Those who weren’t in the deep end have made some fantastic progress, too. They have been able to complete some more floating techniques, managed to perfect their push & glides, plus they have been able to swim without floats. This is fantastic! Another difficult decision for the swimming super stars, but they were:

Brayden for showing fantastic listening and brilliant technique. His glide was perfect and I think it could have gone on for even longer! (Crew G) 😀

Evie for being able to make great progression with her swimming. She is coming on really well! (Crew G) 😁

Roxanne for showing great bravery and getting back into the swing of things easily! (Crew Mc) 😃

Olly for being a superb swimmer. Your confidence keeps on growing! (Crew Mc) 😄

During the next two weeks, we will be going into the pool clothed, to further develop our skills. Can you make sure that the clothing is either pyjamas or shirt and shorts. The children don’t need to wear shoes, jeans or anything baggy. Any questions, then just ask! 😆

Crew Mcloughlin Blog 21.05.21

This week has flown by in Crew Mc! Just one week left till half term 😱

Writing- Crew Mc authors✍📖

We started the week finishing off writing up to plot point 10 of Gravity.

Our beautiful work

…but we didn’t stop there. We have turned into authors, where we have began planning writing the ending scenes with our very own ideas for our independent write! We definitely got creative and helped each other with the planning process.

What ideas have we come up with so far? In plot point 13 Sandra Bullock escapes from her shuttle onto an island and later sees herself on TV as a missing person. She blacks out and the ending finds her back in the rocket ready to launch. Then some children went titanic style- a noise of a creaking rocking chair – Sandra is an old woman retelling her story of when she was an astronaut. I am so impressed! We also have thought carefully for each plot point leading up to this, looking at our writing rubric to create our own targets. We’ve considered both grammatical features and certain boombastics to build tension.

Watch this space for when we start writing!

Our HoWL average this week is 3! We have improved from last week so we get a spin of the HoWLopoly wheel!🤩

I know Crew Mcloughlin can do better than this and at the minute some of us are letting the rest of the Crew down by not working as hard and being kind. On Monday we are also going to reflect on our attendance as a Crew as this is slipping at the moment.

Have a lovely weekend Crew! 😊

Swimming Super Stars (19/5/21) 🏊‍♂️

Our favourite time of the week fast approached and we couldn’t believe how quickly swimming came back around. We started the session by discussing safety at the beach and the signs to look for if there is danger. We then continued to move up groups, which again shows the amazing progress we are making. More children are getting into deeper parts of the pool and are showing how confident they are. We have more children retrieving the rings and a number were able to swim 25 metres without touching the floor – on their front and backs! It was another difficult choice for Swimming Super Star, but they are:

Keegan for showing fantastic listening skills in order to improve (Crew G)! 😀

Lucas for continuing to improve and show great progress in his new group (Crew G)! 😁

Grace for showing fantastic bravery when jumping in the deep end and retrieving the rings – she never gave up (Crew Mc)! 😃

Olivia for having such a fantastic attitude to swimming and just being a really positive influence in your group (Crew Mc)! 😄

I continue to be amazed by how proud each child is of their achievements! 😆

Crew Mcloughlin Weekly Blog 14.05.21

We have had an fab week in Crew Mcloughlin, we’ve been very busy! I think our brains deserve a well earned rest over the weekend as we have just improved as the week has gone on. Read on to see what we have been up to this week…

Crew Mc’s mission to decimal problem solving success

We thoroughly enjoyed our practical session, working collaboratively in mini Crews helping solve miss’s problems. The proof is in the pictures, they were definitely working hard, getting smart and being kind. ➕➖


Our book we are reading this term is See you in the Cosmos. Children gathered questions with their partner and hot seated Zed on his reaction in the story. We smashed it using our inference and prediction skills! We are continually working so hard to improve our confidence with expression in reading and being in the role of a character really helps with this.

The children loving Harrys answers in hot seating

Our HoWL average this week is 2.9… unfortunately, no spin on the HoWLopoly wheel this week. I wonder if we can improve our listening skills as a whole Crew to ensure no learning time is wasted 🤔

Congratulations to our Learning Legend Lexie! 😊